Photofacial Dublin

Airbrush your skin for that big event!

Photofacial in short combines a peel and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) in one treatment. You combine two treatments in one for maximum results.

This time of year you may be more aware of the many events and outings facing us all. From family weddings, summer parties, family holidays, or maybe it’s your own wedding. There are many things that you can do to prepare for these upcoming events. A great option is a series of photo facial treatments now available at Cosmetic Doctor.

What is a photo facial?

A photo facial combines a facial peel and IPL during the same appointment. You have a glycolic peel performed first, followed by a gentle session of IPL. Photo meaning light as in IPL, which is where the treatment gets its name from!

Why are they good?

Photo facials are exciting because they use two different treatment options during one appointment! This is good because it doubles the amount of benefits delivered to your skin!

Who would benefit from a photo facial?

Photo facial treatments can improve many conditions, including weathered skin, freckling, pigmentation, sundamage and facial redness and facial veins. It is recommended to have a treatment at least 1 week before your big event to ensure that your skin is glowing and looking it’s absolute best!

What does the treatment entail?

When you attend for your photo facial we will examine your skin type to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.

IPL difuses light into the skin which heats up the tissue and blood vessels and causes veins to break down. IPL also excites the cells responsible for making collagen making skin plumper and firmer. The end result is a more even skin tone with less veins and pigmentation. It is the ultimate in rejuvenating treatments.

How often will I need a treatment?

You can have your photo facial every two weeks and although you will see a difference after the first treatment, it will take up to three to four treatments to help make a long term difference to your skin.

Who can have this treatment?

This treatment is best suited to people with lighter skin types as the IPL is attracted to skin pigment and if you have darker skin as you will have more pigment and be at risk of burning your skin, which can result in permanent pigmentation or damage to your skin.

What do I need to do before my treatment?

As with all light or laser treatment you must not have applied any fake tan at least 1 week or natural tan for six weeks prior to your treatment. You should also have a patch test before your treatment to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

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So there is no need to miss out on all those upcoming events, be photo ready with our photo facial now available at Cosmetic Doctor. Call 01 6853100 to book your patch test today!