Take Your Skin out of Hibernation

Cosmetic Doctor can help you prepare your skin for summer, with head to toe treatments that will leave you glowing and happy to bare all. Well, most.

Even though you’ve followed a winter skin regimen, it’s easy to become lax about skin that’s been covered up for months; in hibernation during the hilly weather. For beautiful, flawless, smooth skin that you’ll be proud to reveal, a few simple steps should do the trick.

Regular exfoliation is fine when you’re in your twenties; but as we age we need a bit more help sloughing off dead skin cells and stimulating production of new collagen. Your skin looks its best when it’s vibrant and youthful; literally showing its youngest cells, not the old, matt, dull ones that have built up on the surface.

Microdermabrasion gives Youthful Glow

Medical Microdermabrasion is increasingly popular with male clients as well as females, as it’s a quick way to exfoliate dead skin and kick-start the production of new cells.

At Cosmetic Doctor, super-fine medical grade crystals are vacuumed over the skin’s surface by a machine that creates a mini tornado of circular motion, exfoliating the outer layer of matt, dull cells to reveal the plump, living ones underneath.

This ‘new’ skin is smooth, soft, and as the layer hasn’t hardened, is very receptive to topical nutrients applied after the treatment. The motion of the microdermabrasion has the added bonus of stimulating the underlying layer, the epidermis, which triggers the production of new collagen.

Collagen is the support network that underpins the skin, gifting lift and tautness. It greatly improves the appearance of aging and gives a youthful glow, with a dewy, healthy look. There’s no downtime with microdermabrasion; the results are evident immediately, and Cosmetic Doctor uses the most advanced technology to deliver the treatment.

Skin Peels

There are a variety of skin peels at your disposal at Cosmetic Doctor; some can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

Peels are particularly effective in getting rid of scars and pigmentation issues, using glycolic or polyhydroxy acids to chemically peel off the dead skin cells and blemishes.

Skin will be more sensitive after a peel, and responsive to topical creams and serums, but avoid sun exposure for the specified duration as the young skin is vulnerable for a while.


Intense Pulsed Light can be used to great effect to rid skin of discolouration, marks and pigmentation problems prior to baring your face for the summer, and once your skin is back in tip-top shape you’ll be proud to show it to the world without make-up.

Remember though that sun damage is the number one cause of aging, so wear a high SPF factor on your face to protect it, and always ask the advice of the Cosmetic Doctor team on how long you need to wait after treatments before exposing skin to sunlight.

Take Care of your Skin in the Sun

If you are planning on flying off to foreign climes for a bit of much needed warmth, wear a hat and SPF 30 at a minimum on your face; don’t go out during the hottest hours and it won’t hurt to use moisturiser and foundation with an SPF included. There is no such thing as too much skin protection!

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