1. Use an SPF- even in cloudy Irish weather

Every minute you spend under UV light; outside is slowly but surely unravelling your collagen and elastin fibres in your skin. You might have been careful to use and SPF while you did a bit of sun-worshipping on your holidays – but back in cloudy Ireland, do you give it a minutes thought?

Well, you have to! Skin is a very delicate weave of protein threads, much like a fabric. These linear wavy fibres of collagen and elastin keep the skin supple and smooth and soft. WE do know that tanning will probably turn these molecules into Weetabix, and we know that the sun can damage DNA leading to the danger of skin cancer in later life – but just wandering around in under Irish clouds leaves you vulnerable to light damage too.

Use an SPF of 15. Most moisturisers and some foundations have one integrated into the formula, so the texture isn’t thick or gloopy. You’ll never regret using one – but you’ll regret it if you don’t.

2. Stop eating Sugar

Seriously- it’s the crack cocaine of the new millennium. The more we find out, the worse it looks – and sugar is in everything, from high-fructose corn syrup in sports drinks to refined white foods. Ignore ‘low fat’ products- they’re full of stealth sugars.

They actually make you gain weight and are really bad for your skin as they cause glycation of human tissues, which means they make molecules more brittle, like torching the top of a crème brulee. If the blood vessels and skin contain a lot of sugars, they age far more rapidly.

You can do yourself a big favour by eating foods that are loaded in antioxidants and naturally anti-inflammatory molecules, like kale, almonds, and so on.

3. Stop over-cleansing your skin

Stripping away natural skin oils means you do yourself no favours. WE need these oils for skin to stay soft and supple, so piling on cleansing products; scrubbing with sonic brushes and giving yourself oodles of masques is counterproductive.

It’s fine to exfoliate gently a few times a week with a product appropriate for your skin type and age, but brightness comes from the inside out via a good diet and healthy skin cell turnover, so ask Dr. Fay about the right products for your skin and don’t try to scrub it into luminance – it won’t work.

4. Stop Dieting

Yes, you can be too thin- and dramatic weight loss; dieting and over-exercising will make you look like a gaunt old saddle. There is nothing more ageing than sudden weight loss- and it’s not the healthy way to drop weight permanently either; it simply shocks and insults your system.

Extreme dieting might get rid of your hips for now, but it will also increase cortisol levels and leave you looking haggard. Take it easy and lose weight slowly and sensibly.

5. Stop being wary of new skin technology

People who rant on about ‘putting poisons in their skin’ have no idea what they are talking about. Skin care techniques and technology are light years ahead of where they were even ten years ago, meaning we can absolutely turn back the clock.

There’s no need to be reticent about trying laser treatments, or anti-wrinkle injectables. You may not want to out of personal choice, but don’t let fear or ignorance put you off – book a consultation and ask questions!

6. Stop buying random products

The beauty industry is a multi-billion euro one, and it relies on women not knowing exactly what they need. It will baffle you with terminology until you end up buying a mish-mash of expensive products that may not do well together or that duplicate effort- or worse again; that actually damage your skin if all used at once.

It’s well worth getting a proper skin consultation; finding an organised skincare regime of products designed to work in synergy. You’ll save yourself a fortune and have great skin.

To book a skin consultation and discover how best to care for your particular skin type – or even how to turn the clock back – call Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin on 01 685 3100.