INTRAcel is used for skin-tightening and rejuvenating; it is a high-tech system that combines the most effective minimally invasive techniques: micro-needling and radiofrequency (a type of heat). It can only be administered by a doctor.

Series of Treatments for Maximum Efficacy

Once the initial INTRAcel treatment has been performed (see www.cosmeticdoctor.ie for details) you’ll be given an aftercare pack with a peel to use.

As INTRAcel has a cumulative effect, a series of three treatments are recommended, with several weeks between each to allow skin cells to go through their phases of production and deterioration.

Increasingly Noticeable Effects

The positive effects are noticeable after the first treatment, and after the second they are even more so; especially if you want to firm up your jawline or tighten jowls. You will also notice that the skin around the eye area, usually extremely difficult to treat pro-actively due to its sensitive nature, will look fresher and firmer.

By the third treatment you’ll see a tighter jawline; fuller cheeks; an arch to your brow as the facial skin has been lifted and tightened; all facial lines softened (particularly the naso-labial lines running between the corners of your nose to the sides of your mouth) and your pores become noticeably smaller.

Glowing, Firm Skin with Long-Lasting Effect

Your skin glows, as it’s full of freshly produced collagen, and as the entire process of collagen production has been stimulated; the positive effects are long-lasting.

INTRAcel essentially triggers your body to produce collagen the way it did when you were younger; the skin’s natural support network of protein and fibres will improve areas of sagging or lost volume and tighten skin, giving a subtle lift to your entire face.

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