INTRAcel heralded as Miraculously Smoothing-Exclusive to Cosmetic Doctor

On 8 April 2013 The Tatler Good Cosmetics Guide released their annual cosmetics guide, highlighting the 30 top cosmetic surgeons and doctors in the UK.

The article in the magazine includes a round-up of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery talent and says more about their interest in good looking skin and the latest, most effective treatments and devices available on the market.

INTRAcel was highly praised as “a potent combination of radiofrequency and needling that not only tightens slackness but changes the quality of skin by refining pores, obliterating smokers’ lines around lips and miraculously smoothing that dreadful cobblestone-like appearance on the chin area that comes with age.”

INTRAcel is now available in Ireland, exclusive to Cosmetic Doctor at the Slievemore Clinic in Dublin. It must be administered by a doctor, so it’s not a treatment you’ll find in salons or beauty therapists.

The treatment is not cheap, and requires a series of three for maximum efficacy, but is highly effective and can also be used around the notoriously difficult-to-treat eye area.

To book a consultation or for further details please phone 01 685 3100.