Resolve to Tackle your Skin Problems in 2014 with Dr Lisa Fay/h2>

Help with Skin problems

At Cosmetic Doctor, we see a huge variety of facial skin problems every day.

In most cases (other than certain forms of sun damage and skin cancers) these problems are benign; mostly painless and not a threat to a patients general health.

However, visible skin issues have a huge impact on people’s self-esteem and impact their lives in a major way.

Cosmetic Doctor completely understand how one’s appearance impacts the way they view themselves, and our goal is to help every patient with any skin problem that affects their confidence, quality of life and how they feel about the way they look.

Fix the root cause; not just the symptoms

As Cosmetic Doctor is a doctor-led clinic, Dr. Lisa Fay can diagnose and treat the root causes of your skin problems, rather than merely addressing the symptoms.

She can treat hormonal issues by prescribing medication or referring to an endocrinologist if necessary; as well as ensuring every patient gets the kind of clinical help and physician-only medical-grade products they may need.

Cosmetic Doctors philosophy is concerned with treating the patient holistically; that is to tackle any skin problems from the inside-out.

You’ll get much more than surface treatments at the clinic; you will be advised on diet, medications and helped to understand the nature of your skin so you no longer feel like a helpless victim.

Best Medical Grade Equipment and Skin Products

Cosmetic Doctor has invested in the most advanced, state-of-the-art medical grade equipment; have a modern skin and laser suite; have access to physician-only products with high levels of active ingredients, and most importantly the team understand the structure and composition of the skin.

Irish men and women with skin trouble often spend a lot of money on superficial or salon treatments in an attempt to rectify the unsightly appearance of a variety of skin problems.

They are frequently disappointed with the results, or end up having the same treatments again and again because they haven’t looked at the root casue of the problem.

If you want to tackle your skin problems for once and for all in 2014, call Cosmetic Doctor and discover the best way to treat your skin for maximum results.

Just call 01 685 3100 or see our skin treatments page.