Brighten skin and reduce age spots with Brightenex

Brightenex™ is a uniquely engineered topical cream that reverses discolouration and hyperpigmentation of the skin.

It is proven to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of age spots, freckles and any other areas of unwanted pigmentation. It is a safe alternative for those who can’t or prefer not to use hydroquinone.

Powerful skin antioxidants

Part of the ZO ® Medical Therapeutic Solutions range available at Cosmetic Doctor, Brightenex™ uses Oleosome technology to deliver a high dose of retinol, vitamins A, C and E, and powerful antioxidants to the skin.

Plant oleosomes are naturally occurring emollient oils found in seeds that are incredibly moisturizing. Together with 1.0% retinol, this innovative blend of ingredients brightens skin and helps achieve and maintain even skin tone.

Super strength retinol

Vitamin A is one of the key nutrients needed by the body to keep skin looking clear and youthful, with retinol being one its many derivatives.

Brightenex ™ uses pure retinol to naturally exfoliate the epidermis and stimulate the production of collagen to give skin a smoother and firmer texture.

It is common to experience some redness, dryness and peeling initially because of its exfoliating properties, but this usually disappears within a week of your first application. The end result is completely transformational as fresh, healthy skin is revealed.

Reverse age spots and areas of pigmentation

Brightenex ™ also targets skin discolouration and areas of hyperpigmentation and can be used prevent melanin being produced in the skin.

By inhibiting melanocytes functioning (where melanin is generated) and helping the skin shed pigmented cells; Brightenex ™ achieves a uniform skin tone and minimizes the visibility of brown spots.

Brightenex ™ is often prescribed as the first course in treating hyperpigmentation as it is a mild formula suitable for most skin types. It can help prepare skin that might need more intense bleaching treatment.

How to use Brightenex™

Using airless pumps to ensure precise dispensing, 1-2 pumps should be evenly applied to problem areas to begin building skin tolerance to the cream.

How often Brightenex ™ should be used on your skin will be outlined during your consultation at Cosmetic Doctor.  It is only available from a licensed physician due in order to closely monitor patient results and to prevent self-medicating.

If you are interested in starting a course of Brightenex ™ treatment, call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100 to book a skin assessment consultation.