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D. Zein Obagi has been known as one of the world’s experts in skincare technology, and developments therein, for well over three decades.

He has defined the concepts of skin health, developing a massive range of iconic products proven to improve skin health in a measurable way.

His new venture is his own pet project; the ZO® Medical Therapeutic Solutions and SO Skin Health lines.

ZO® Medical Therapeutic Solutions are only available from doctors and comprise a comprehensive range of products, protocols and treatments to treat many problematic skin disorders and chronic conditions.

The range of therapeutic products are doctor-dispensed by authorised medical practices only, as the concentration of ingredients means the use and treatment programs should be overseen by a medical skincare professional.

The ZO® Definition of Truly Healthy Skin

  • Smooth
  • Strong
  • Firm
  • Even toned
  • Hydrated
  • No disorders

It is this last point that is effectively addressed by the ZO Medical range, to heal chronic skin issues and address the root cause of the problem, rather than merely the symptoms.

To find out more about how the ZO Medical Therapeutic solutions can help you, call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100 and book a consultation for a skin assessment.

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