ZO Oclipse

There’s been a big fuss amongst Beauty Editors about ZO Oclipse. It’s a combination primer and sunscreen, but it’s far more than the average of either product.

Skin Primer and Sun Protection Factor in one

It manages to combine sun protection (SPF 30) with a skin primer for the most flawless finish, even for problem skin.

Using natural melanin, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide to provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, ZO Oclipse will also smooth and prime skin for a more even makeup application.

Even in hot sticky weather, this primer will help hold your makeup. You’ll never know how much you needed it until you try it- then you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

Fight Photo-Ageing

Photo-ageing caused by exposure to light and sun is the single biggest cause of the appearance of ageing on our skin. You could be using a €400 moisturiser, but frankly it’s all for nought unless you’re taking the steps to protect your skin from light damage every single day.

Don’t be fooled by Ireland’s perennially cloudy climate – the sun is behind those clouds, and is damaging your skin every minute you are exposed; whether you can fell its warmth or not.

Go Bare Faced- ZO Oclipse gives you smooth finish

Two to three pumps is all you need; a little of ZO Oclipse goes a long way. Apply it evenly to your face and neck about half an hour before you go outside – it gives a smooth finish to the face so you can feel comfortable without make up, or you can use it as a primer under your makeup for longer lasting wear.

It has a slight tint so adds a nice touch of natural looking colour to the face; it’s light as a feather and non-sticky, giving you broad spectrum protection against UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) damage.

ZO Oclipse also soothes, softens and hydrates skin (with Proprietary Lipopeptide that stimulates collagen) and plenty of skin-loving moisturizing ingredients.

It’s a real multi-tasking product, so it’s very good value for money. You can wear it all summer long and can add a touch of bronzer over it to add shape and definition to your cheekbones. It’s only available in Ireland from a handful of sources, and Cosmetic Doctor Dublin is one of them!

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