At last- effective treatment for ageing skin: ZO RETAMAX from Cosmetic Doctor

The ZO Medical range from Dr. Zein Obagi has been selling like hot cakes in the US, and now it’s available in Ireland (only from physicians).

Dr. Lisa Fay of Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin has been treating patients with the ZO line for some time now, and is impressed with the results.

Potent Formula; Real Results

Renowned skincare guru Dr. Zein Obagi developed his new line ZO Medical because:

  • He believes that most of the skin care products that are sold at retail today contain insufficiently low concentrations of active ingredients to stimulate cellular activity or rejuvenate skin. That’s why there is so little brand loyalty in skin care.
  • ZO products offer a continuum of care- you don’t simple try them and stop; you can carry on with the skincare that’s right for you and maintain results.

One of the most amazing products from the ZO Medical line is RETAMAX™, which does wonders for your skin and works on several levels.

What does RETAMAX do for your Skin?

RETAMAX™ aids in skin rejuvenation by triggering the natural formation of collagen. It also encourages the restoration of the skin barrier function by up-regulating the production of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s most vital natural hydrating factor.

RETAMAX™ is a potent serum, and after several applications over several days you will start to see reaction in your skin- it’s completely normal.

The reaction to the 1% Retinol and special plant stem cell antioxidants used in RETAMAX™ includes redness, dryness, peeling, irritation, and itching. This is an entirely normal skin repair response.

Using RETAMAX™ overnight gives your skin a totally smooth texture in the morning and over time the tolerance level for Retinol improves.

Dr. Obagi created this standalone product that uses 1% Retinol and special plant stem cell antioxidants in order to stimulate skin renewal and cellular turnover at the deeper dermis layers.

Dr. Obagi says “This formula is potent! RETAMAX™ contains the highest concentration of retinol in the ZO® Medical arsenal of products to overhaul aging skin, sun damage, and prevent future damage.”

The RETAMAX™ bio cellular antioxidant system serves to block free radical damage, helps protect vulnerable cellular DNA, and addresses the root cause initiators of future skin aging.

In combination with other products from the range, RETAMAX™ helps ensure maintenance of the new, healthy skin state by defending against irritation-initiated skin damage.

To find out more visit the RETAMAX™ product page.

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