Lisa Cannon
When I first went to Dr. Lisa Fay back in 2013 I was feeling very underconfident about my skin as I had developed large acne pustles and was getting anxious about appearing on camera for Xpose my Tv show. I had heard of alot of different dermatologists but Lisa seemed to be the name that people kept referring me to . I sought her help and the transformation has been unbelievable.

She put me on a dose of antbiotics and a skin care regime that was both easy to manage and really really worked. Its been incredible to see the transformation and easy to maintain… I think the most exciting part has been the compliments I have been receiving from the smooth clear skin I have… who would have thought if you had seen how it looked a few months ago. I am over the moon with the results and am so excited to keep working with Lisa and her team to keep my skin glowing for TV and red carpet events!

Thanks Lisa!

I have been receiving laser hair removal treatment from Cosmetic Doctor over the past months. The beautiful modern clinic; professional, friendly and courteous staff and great aftercare service have all led me to highly recommend Cosmetic Doctor to my family and friends.

Deborah Gough
I have been using obagi ZO for four weeks now and my skin is incredible. Up until now I have been using the obagi clenziderm to clear outbreaks which also worked incredibly- and I was almost afraid to make the leap to ZO but it has been life changing for me. My whole work team have been following my progress over the past 4 weeks and they are amazed at my skin now. I had myself in that bracket of ‘problem skin’ but I have been using the wrong products for years until meeting Dr Fay. I can’t recommend ZO highly enough so much so that I no longer need to wear foundation- big thank you to Dr Fay and Louise – I will continue to recommend everyone that listens to me xx

Suzanne Byrne

I started using the ZO® Medical program Dr Fay prescribed for me on the 5th September 2013. I found that sticking to the program was imperative and not difficult because I was very encouraged by the results I was seeing from as early as week two.

Areas where I had a lot of pigmentation/sun damage, along with uneven skin tone were improving every week.

Understanding how the product worked and the freedom go liaise with Dr Fay if I had any questions made it easy to adjust to my skins tolerance of the products .

The results from the first and subsequent second peels were amazing and very enhanced by the fact that I was very diligent in adhering to the program.

The peel which after day five gave a result of even clearer skin with the more stubborn patches of sun damage disappearing .

I am now on the level three kit Program, two weeks now into this routine and again seeing even further improvements.

I would highly recommend this product and program both in improving skin tone, complete eradication of sun damage,fine lines and wrinkles. I would also would say it personally made me aware of the effects of sun damage, and am now a lot more careful about how I treat my skin .

Thanks to ZO® Medical products and the support and monitoring of Dr Fay throughout the program I am now enjoying fabulous skin and the compliments that have come with it..