With summer fast approaching we will be getting more and more enquiries about treating leg veins here in the clinic, people wonder- what is the best treatment? Does it work? Is it painful? We get asked lots of questions about this common problem. A lot of women avoid wearing dresses and skirts because of these unsightly veins, now we may get away with that here in Ireland, but what about when you are away in a hot country and you find yourself avoiding short skirts or shorts! Now is the time to get the treatment, so that you can enjoy that holiday in peace! Keep reading for your guide to leg vein treatments…

Leg Veins – Treatment options

A lot of people wonder why we don’t use laser treatment for leg veins, but the truth is they just don’t respond as well and we would like to the treatment. Studies have shown that Sclerotherapy therapy is the most effective treatment for thread veins. It is quick and has long lasting results, he treatments is usually described as painless, and most patients find the procedure quite tolerable.

Treatment procedure

You will come for an initial consultation with Dr Fay first. During your initial consultation Dr. Fay will do a Doppler test on the vein, this is where Dr. Fay will lightly press on your leg and release then using a hand held doppler she will listen and check the blood flow. Providing the vein has normal blood flow then she will decide if you will respond to Sclerotherapy. You will be given a prescription for support stockings which you will wear following your treatment. We will then give you a date for your treatment, on the day you must bring your stockings with you as you will need to wear them after your appointment.

Dr Fay uses a tiny needle and a solution is injected into the vein, the solution will cause the lining of the vein to swell and become sticky. Compression is then applied to close the veins. Over a period of time the vein will heal closed and fade away. This is a safe procedure when carried out by a skilled doctor. We will require you to wear compression stocking to help the vein heal and minimise any side effects

How many treatments are usually needed?

Treatment depends on person to person, some people find one treatment clears up the veins, but some people may need up to four visits before their veins have resolved. These visits are between 4-16 weeks apart. You can expect an improvement of 60-80% in these veins. We will keep you informed during your treatments, and make you aware of all treatments you will need.

Things to consider before and after treatment

Before Treatment:

  • Do not use bath oils, lotions or creams on your leg for 24 hours before your injections
  • Dress in loose clothing, jogging trousers or skirt and comfortable shoes to accommodate the support hosiery.
  • If you are going to be wearing compression stockings bring a suspender belt with you to hold up your support hosiery.
  • If you have already been supplied with a support stocking bring it with you on the day of the treatment.

After Treatment:

  • Take a 10 minute walk immediately after treatment
  • Wear your support hosiery day and night for 72 hours at the end of the 72 hours you may take the stocking off and have a short cool shower or bath. Do not be alarmed that the thread veins look worse, this is normal at this stage.
  • Thereafter, wear your support stocking during the day for 7 days, you may take them off at night.
  • Avoid extremes of temperature for 14 days i.e. very hot baths, saunas, sun beds
  • Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks-pigmentation may take longer to fade.
  • Avoid high impact exercise for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid waxing of the legs for 4 weeks
  • Elevate your legs as much as possible for the first 2 weeks
  • If you are planning air travel discuss with your practitioner who will advise
  • Consider wearing support hosiery long term to minimise thread vein recurrence.

So now is the ideal time to book your Sclerotherapy consultation with Dr Lisa Fay, or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. Look forward to vein free legs, Call 01 2000500 for your consult today!

Prices given at consultation.