What are the features of aging hands?

Do your hands give away your age away? One of the tell-tale signs of ageing is usually our hands. As we age, our hands lose firmness and plumpness. Veins appear more prominent; skin is thinner and crepey in texture. In addition, there may be sun spots visible.


We use dermal fillers to restore lost volume, lift, and contour the face & lips and hands. None of our patients want to look dramatically different, they just want to look like the best version of themselves.

Procedure time
30 mins
Back to normal
Recovery time
24 hours
Duration of results
6 - 9 months
Discomfort level
No. of treatments
Cost from

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Why treat aging hands with dermal fillers

Many people focus only on their face and their hands are overlooked in the rejuvenation process. Don’t forget that our hands also need a little TLC too. Radiesse is the “Game-Changing” Dermal filler which we use for hand rejuvenation. It is literally a hand saviour! If you think about it our hands are exposed the elements on a daily basis.

Radiesse dermal filler addresses ageing and volume loss beautifully. As hands age, volume loss occurs. There is less subcutaneous tissue, the veins become prominent and the hands appear bony.
It is a very simple treatment to inject dermal fillers into the hands to replace the volume that has been lost

How long does the Procedure take?

Treating the hands with dermal fillers usually takes 15 minutes to complete. Once the topical anaesthetic has taken effect, a cannula is passed through the skin which reduces trauma to the skin and therefore less swelling, bruising and downtime. Immediately afterwards your hands look lumpy, however the area is massaged so the product is distributed evenly.

Recovery time: Immediately after your treatment your hands will feel a little uncomfortable which settles down as the day goes on.

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