Jawline & chin

Sculpt weak jawlines and loss of chin projection and definition using dermal fillers. A chin which balances the rest of your features is an important part of balancing your profile. At Cosmetic Doctor, we advocate subtle, natural treatment results using pioneering brands to ensure you look the most confident version of yourself.


We use dermal fillers to restore lost volume, lift, and contour the face & lips. None of our patients want to look dramatically different, they just want to look like the best version of themselves.

Procedure time
30 mins
Back to normal
24 hours
Recovery time
Duration of results
Up to 12 months
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Why use Dermal Fillers for Jawline and Chin Contouring?

Your profile is not as noticeable to you as it is to other people, as you only see yourself looking straight on in the mirror. Everybody else sees you for a variety of angles, and that’s where chin proportion becomes very evident.

Even people with good chin projection often lose it as time goes by, and the chin loses its structural support. Dermal Filler in the chin area will restore and enhance a beautiful profile.

What is a Non-Surgical Chin Correction?

Advanced techniques and products including Juvederm® and Restylane®, as well as Anti-Wrinkle Injections are used to contour and correct deficiencies in the chin area.

There are a variety of corrections that can be performed non-surgically using fillers. The depression in the area at each side of the chin and just below the jowl line, known as prejowl sulcus, is one such region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dermal Fillers help treat Jowls?

The prejowl sulcus is a hollowing of the area on either side of the chin, which is further accentuated by the formation of jowls. It happens because of skeletal volume loss and facial atrophy with aging, or sometimes with rapid weight loss. As the facial features begin to sag, jowls form.

Advanced dermal fillers or liquid face lift products can be placed in the deep dermis, below the skin in the recessed area between the jowl and the chin. This gives a lovely smooth line back to the face, restoring a nice natural contour from cheek to chin. The jowls themselves can be lifted with dermal filler placed in the cheeks or along the jaw line; sometimes using a combination of products to optimise contouring and make the results last.

Can Dermal fillers help a Receding or ‘Weak’ Chin?

A “weak” chin can be hereditary, regardless of age occurs due to changes in the underlying bone. A weak chin can impact your whole face, so chin contouring can give very satisfactory results.
If the chin is very recessed, you may need mentoplasty (surgical chin augmentation). For many, the desired result can be achieved without surgery.

One method to subtly help the appearance of a weak chin is to use liquid face lift products such as Juvederm® on the areas of the cheek bones or sub malar (below the triangular fat pad) region, on the flat plane of the face.

This will add volume and gently lift the jowls up and away from the chin. Not only do the jowls become less prominent and less noticeable, but the chin appears to stand out more as a result.
You may also have thicker filler used directly on the chin area, rebuilding the prominence of the chin itself.

Are there any treatment options for a Prominent chin?

Some people feel their chin sticks out too much, and is out of proportion to the rest of their face. This is often hereditary, but may stem from muscle related issues.

In some cases, a similar procedure to correction of jowls may help to contour and balance the chin with the rest of the face for a more harmonious appearance.

If overdevelopment of the mentalis chin muscle is a contributing factor, then Muscle Relaxer Injections can be injected into the tip of the chin to decrease the forceful contraction of the muscle, which can soften and shrink the overdeveloped muscle, aiding in the reduction of the chin.

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