Replace lost volume, restore structure and definition, add hydration and soften the appearance of fine lines using dermal fillers. In experienced hands, dermal fillers can reshape and re-balance lips to restore ideal proportions and symmetry. Sometimes several treatments are required to achieve the desired volume or to correct asymmetries.


We use dermal fillers to restore lost volume, lift, and contour the face & lips. None of our patients want to look dramatically different, they just want to look like the best version of themselves.

Procedure time
30 mins
Back to normal
24 hours
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Dermal Fillers for Lips

Our approach to lip fillers is not just to make your lips bigger but rather involves a holistic and artistic “less is more” approach. We strive to produce normal and natural beautiful looking results by working artistically with the natural anatomy of your lips.

  1. If you have very thin lips pre-treatment, it is recommended to build up to your desired size slowly over multiple treatment sessions. Thereafter, repeat treatment is usually every 6-9 months to maintain your results
  2. During your consultation, we will assess your face shape, jaw width etc and make recommendations as to the ideal sized lips to fit your face shape and maintain harmony with the rest of your features.
  3. We also assess your face in 3D and take account of your profile. If you lack volume in the chin area, chin enhancement will be advised to ensure that we achieve the best results for you. “Natural and undetectable” is our moto when providing lip enhancement treatments.

Can lip enhancements look natural?

Do you hanker after fuller lips, but are secretly worried you might look like a platypus? Fear of the infamous ‘trout pout’ that’s been the bane of some celebrities has deterred some people from pursuing the lovely lips they would really like.

Many women experience thinning lips as they age, in fact it’s one of the most common signs of ageing. This is where lip augmentation also known as a lip enhancement treatment comes into play. It’s important to highlight that these procedures aim to achieve an enhanced natural look, as there’s nothing less attractive than big lips that look swollen and unnatural.

Don’t let the bad press scare you off. A safe, natural-looking lip augmentation is what Cosmetic Doctor offers, and we use dermal filler sparingly and precisely to leave you with natural looking, gorgeous lips.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement

Full, voluminous lips give a youthful appearance, but the march of time is cruel to women. The aging process makes our lips thin out; we lose volume from the lip area and the mouth corners turn downwards, resulting in a slightly dour look.

By adding back, the lost volume, we regain the lush look of younger lips and change the whole look of the face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for treatment?

Anybody who would like a fuller, younger looking mouth is a candidate for treatment. Smokers in particular have problems; the mechanical action of dragging cigarettes for years results in lines all the way around the mouth area.

Some people are born with thinner lips than others; many women aren’t thrilled with their lip volume, regardless of age. Thin lips tend to be unflattering, interfere with the aesthetic balance of the lower face, and many women try to compensate with creative use of liner and lipstick.

What should I expect afterwards?

Most dermal filler brands have a lidocaine anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. The injections are performed with a very fine needle, a few at a time, so you can ask to stop and take a breather if you need to.

It takes a few days for the effects of the treatment to settle down and the filler to move into place, so it’s best not to have lip augmentation done immediately before an important event.

I have small lips, is it possible to increase to desired volume in one treatment?

This depends on pre treatment volume, the shape of your lip and texture. Often, in order to achieve your desired size and shape you may have to schedule two appointments in order to achieve your end goal safety and naturally.

If I have lumps from a treatment elsewhere, what can I do?

We can dissolve these lumps prior to retreating so we can ensure a better aesthetic result. Placing new filler over lumps will only exacerbate the problem. The treatment in this situation is Hyaluronidase which dissolves the filler.

You may lose some volume temporarily but this bounces back after a few days. A minimum of two weeks must pass after dissolving the old filler before another product can be injected.

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