Sparkle this Christmas with an IPL Laser Veins Package

As the party season approaches, it’s time to get out the party frock, grab the glitter and get those nails painted. The focus is on all of us to look our best for the office party and those festive get- togethers with family and friends. As focus is on read more

Remove Spider Veins on the Face

Special Offer on Removal of Spider Veins from the Face Laser treatment is usually recommended for the delicate area of the face. The Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic is currently offering a ‘Book 3, Get 1 Free’ promotion on facial vein treatment at the moment, so now is the read more

Get Rid of Unattractive Spider Veins

The Laser Suite at Cosmetic Doctor is the place to go for effective treatment of spider veins. Spider veins are troublesome little blood vessels just under the surface of the skin, causing red marks that are impossible to disguise with concealer. They respond well to laser treatment as laser read more

Spider Veins Laser Treatments

Spider Veins on Legs I have developed a number of spider veins on my legs. What is the best treatment? Sclerotherapy rather than laser is the gold standard in the treatment of spider leg veins. Sclerotherapy however is not effective for the treatment of varicose veins. Endovenous laser treatments read more