Special Offer on Removal of Spider Veins from the Face

Laser treatment is usually recommended for the delicate area of the face. The Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic is currently offering a ‘Book 3, Get 1 Free’ promotion on facial vein treatment at the moment, so now is the time to book.

  • Nasal veins €90
  • Cheeks, nasal and chin area €150
  • Full face laser rejuvenation €250

There are a myriad of tiny veins supplying the face, and it’s easy to spot the broken capillaries as they lie twisted and broken, forming a very obvious bruise-like spot. They won’t heal on their own or disappear over time, so will require treatment.

What Causes Broken Facial Veins?

There are several factors that lead to broken veins (capillaries are the smaller branches of veins). The medical term for these broken capillaries is telangiectasia rosacea.

These tiny capillaries lie just under the skin, and are very delicate; damage causes them to dilate and break quite easily. Once they’ve been hurt, they won’t repair themselves.

Excessive exposure to the sun is one culprit; using water that is too hot or scrubbing your face too hard is another. Extreme temperatures and facial injury will also lead to broken veins, and the condition is often hereditary.

In some cases these broken veins accompany an underlying medical condition, that of general rosacea. As Slievemore Clinic is doctor-led, Dr. Fay will be able to correctly diagnose and treat any underlying conditions.

Why Are My Broken Veins Visible All of a Sudden?

Whatever the cause of their origin, all broken capillaries become far more prominent as you age, as the skin becomes thinner and it’s easier to see what lies beneath.

Broken facial veins are treated very effectively with laser, which works by using light energy to focus directly on the ruddy pigment, or haemoglobin, in the skin and destroy it to erase the red area.

Treating Broken Veins with Laser

Using a laser specific to the treatment, Dr. Fay or one of her qualified team will pass the laser over sections of the face with persistent redness. As the laser light (or ‘wavelength’) only recognises high concentration of pigment is the visible capillaries, it targets them only and they are heated, shrink and disappear.

In most cases, one or two sessions spaced over several weeks are required to achieve complete clearance of the area; the procedure is mildly uncomfortable with a little snap feeling on the skin each time the laser passes over it, but most patients tolerate it well and it is brief. Skin may be a little reddened after the treatment.

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