Male Patients

When using dermal fillers in male patients, we try to preserve and enhance the masculinity of the face while still respecting the facial proportions. Obviously, each patient is different and after thorough assessment we devise a bespoke treatment plan.
The three areas of importance in male face include jawline, chin and cheeks. Usually, a squarer jaw is desirable in a male patient.


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How is our approach different in Male Patients?

Forward projection of the chin will define the jawline area. The lateral borders of the chin can also be enhanced and widened, which would result in a squarer chin, as well as adding definition to the jawline.
For male patients, the cheek area is often an area which is treated incorrectly resulting in a more feminine look. In general, male cheeks are flatter but more angulated when compared to female cheeks. We need to respect these variations.

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