Photofractional Rejuvenation

Photofractional rejuvenation combines two technologies, ipl and resurfx® non-ablative fractional resurfacing. finally, we are able to address all signs of aging skin in one treatment.


Treatment of facial vessels, browns spots, sun damage, rosacea, scars, pores and fine lines wrinkles & wrinkles.

Procedure time
30 - 60 minutes
Back to normal
24 - 48 hours
Recovery time
24 - 48 hours
Duration of results
Up to 1 year
Discomfort level
No. of treatments
1 - 4
Cost from

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How it Works

Firstly, we use IPL which targets pigmentation and red discolouration caused by Rosacea and blood vessels. Followed by, ResurFX® non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser heats the skin with minute columns of heat energy to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture.

Previously, two separate treatment sessions were required. Now, we can provide these treatments simultaneously, for a more beautiful and youthful complexion with minimum downtime.

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