Smile, Don’t Frown this Summer with Botox Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injectables are very effective, and, one of the most well-known, popular and affordable of them all is botox. It is a superb tool in the arsenal of anti-aging to help you eradicate the signs of time and gravity, making your skin look firmer, brighter and rejuvenated.

Why Do I have Wrinkles?

Constant use of facial muscles as you smile, frown and chat, combined with changes in your skin as you age, will inevitably lead to lines and wrinkles being created and then ingrained on your face.

Repeated contraction of the underlying muscle will cause overlying skin to contort again and again until the skin as the skin is pulled into furrows and wrinkles.

Squinting; smiling, frowning-all of these will leave their mark on your face and make you look exhausted, older and sometimes a little angry, particularly if the furrows between your brows are quite pronounced.

How Do I get Rid of Wrinkles Instantly?

Botox Injections in Dublin

An anti-wrinkle injectable like botox is a simple, non- surgical procedure that will eradicate your facial lines in moments with a quick, painless injection. Dr. Fay will ask you to frown and make a few faces so she can see the structure of your underlying musculature and watch the facial muscles at work; hen she will target these muscles with a fine needle, injecting the solution of botox with a fine needle.

A small dose of a purified protein is injected into the facial muscle that is causing the wrinkle, and paralyses it by temporarily blocking the nerve impulse to the muscle, allowing it to relax. This allows the skin overlying the muscle to smooth out, and the persistent lines that have developed over time appear greatly improved.

Fast, Painless, Easy

Other than a tiny prick as the needle goes in, you’ll feel nothing; many people don’t notice the injection at all. It’s of minimum discomfort-although if you are nervous or have super-sensitive skin you can discuss methods of pain relief with Dr. Fay beforehand.

Getting botox is a ‘lunchtime’ treatment, as it takes only moments and you have no ill effects afterwards. The results are fantastic, as after a few days you’ll look much more relaxed and the lines disappear.

The treatment usually lasts for between four and six months, depending on the person, and gradually wears off as the muscle starts to contract again.

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