I keep reading Botox scare stories. Is it safe?

Botox is one of the most well-researched and most effective products in the world, but it has its fair share of begrudgers and nay-sayers. Botox is an excellent tool in the arsenal against the appearance of ageing; yet there are still those who like to wag a finger and read more

Why botox works so well on those ‘Number 11’ Frown Lines

A wrinkle in the skin is typically formed perpendicular to a contracting muscle located directly beneath it. For example, the muscle in the forehead is a vertical muscle, and when it contracts (such as when you raise your eyebrows), the lines that form (wrinkles) will be horizontal. Likewise, the read more

Does Botox help prevent more wrinkles from forming as time goes by?

Evidence shows that use of botox to treat dynamic wrinkles can prevent the worsening of those wrinkles over time once treatment is maintained. Most people begin to notice dynamic wrinkles in their late twenties and early thirties; as the repeated contraction of muscles in the face causes a crease read more

I look older than I want to look. What can I do?

There are a large array of non-invasive, low risk, low downtime treatments and cosmetic procedures available to those who would like to minimise the signs of ageing. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, choosing the right practitioner for you is important. You want to feel well-taken care of; have read more

Sparkle this Christmas with Signature Facials

We all want to look our very best at Christmas time for those festive parties and glitzy events that we all enjoy getting dressed up for. However, at this time of year the cold, windy weather, central heating and party living all contributes to and exacerbates existing skin conditions read more

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Clinic Dublin

When face creams and lotions no longer give you the desired results but surgery is not appropriate or needed, there is a tried and tested treatment which is proven to reduce the appearance of static facial wrinkles for up to 6 months at a time. Dr Lisa Fay at read more

The pain-free, non-invasive solution to ageing skin – INTRAcel Light

Is time and gravity taking a noticeable toll on your face, despite your careful skincare regime? If you’d love to achieve a subtle tightening of your face; a youthful lift and say goodbye to some of those fine lines and wrinkles, then INTRAcel Light at Cosmetic Doctor is an read more

Ossential Daily Power Defense

Ossential Daily Power Defense is an anti-ageing cream developed by the would famous Dr. Zein Obagi, US Dermatologist. Daily Power Defense helps in the battle against ageing. The product is great for fine lines and wrinkles, to restore skins plumpness. Ossential Daily Power Defense contains 3 key ingredients: Anti read more

The Impact of Ageing on Skin

22 Square feet of skin – Explained It’s astounding to think that humans have a surface area of about 16 to 22 square feet. This skin isn’t a mere tarpaulin to keep all our bits from spilling out; it’s a complex protective barrier. The skin is an organ in read more

Anti-Ageing 101: What Really Works?

As a cosmetic doctor, I am constantly asked which of the latest state-of-the-art skincare products I recommend. I can understand why, because I am often overwhelmed by the number of anti-ageing products available which make extraordinary claims. Often these so called skincare benefits are unfounded and lack basic science read more

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