Botox Clinic DublinWhen face creams and lotions no longer give you the desired results but surgery is not appropriate or needed, there is a tried and tested treatment which is proven to reduce the appearance of static facial wrinkles for up to 6 months at a time. Dr Lisa Fay at Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin performs a treatment known as wrinkle smoothing injections using BTX commonly known as Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments.

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments have been found to minimize the look of crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles of the forehead because of its muscle relaxing effects. If you can’t make the movement that wrinkles the skin, the wrinkles appearance is lessened with an associated more youthful appearance results.

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments are administered by diluting the powder in saline (sodium chloride) and injecting it directly into the region of the muscle bulk. It takes 24-72 hours for Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments to take effect, which reflects the time needed for the toxin to disrupt the synaptosomal processes. In very rare circumstances, it may take as long as 5 days for the full effect to be observed. It is always better to be conservative with a first treatment and add rather than inject too much and give the “frozen” effect that can be associated with this rejuvenation treatment.

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments Clinic in Dublin

Injections with Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments are generally well tolerated and there are few side effects. In rare cases an individual may have a genetic predisposition that results in a mild, transient unusual response to the drug. On consultation, Dr Fay will establish any conditions or pre-disposed illnesses which may affect the results of this treatment. Following consultation, treatment can commence and takes only a few minutes. There is no pain or downtime and you can return to work following treatment. You will be advised not to rub the skin, bend or lean forward or do any stressful activity following treatment for up to 24 hours. This is to ensure that the product does not migrate to any unwanted areas.

Wrinkle injections are only to be administered by a trained medical professional, NEVER by a therapist or beautician and of this you can be confident at Cosmetic Doctor IE. Dr Lisa Fay is a qualified GP, has been performing clinical treatments for over a decade and is constantly upgrading her professional qualifications and skills in order to give the most up to date and professional treatment to her patients. Aftercare at Cosmetic Doctor IE is second to none and you will receive the correct and appropriate care following your treatment.

Genuine Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatments in Dublin

Wrinkle reducing treatments are now extremely common and vary in price due to the levels of after care, the product used for injection, the experience of the practitioner and the location of the clinic. However, this is a medial treatment with monitoring and aftercare being of utmost importance and therefore choosing the correct practitioner with a high degree of experience must be considered when considering this treatment.