The Clenziderm range of products is a product range brought out by the makers of Obagi Nuderm. It is a range of skin care developed for use in acne prone skins. It is also useful in healing the pustules, blackheads and white heads that occur in people with this skin type. The products in the range make full use of all the acne fighting ingredients designed to give you clearer skin in a matter of weeks.

Obagi Clenziderm Targets Acne Prone Skin

Clenziderm ‘targets acne at the source’ the products in the Obagi Clenziderm range work together to fight the three main problems that cause, and are associated with acne:

  • Clogged pores
  • Excess oil
  • Acne causing bacteria.

The ingredients used are salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide- Salicylic acid works to unclog congested pores, and Benzoyl Peroxide controls the bacteria that drives spot production.  It works deep within the pores to clear acne. The products will remove dead skin cells and dirt from the pores, and prepare the pores to absorb the serum gel. This gel will help to prevent further breakouts from occurring.

There are three products in the Obagi Clenziderm range:

  • Daily Care foaming cleanser
  • Pore therapy
  • Serum gel

Step 1 Cleanse

Cleanse with Daily care foaming cleanser- this contains 2% salicylic acid and menthol , you keep the cleanser on your skin for 20-3o seconds, then you wait 10-15 minutes to allow your skin to dry and you apply step 2.

Step 2 Prepare

Apply pore therapy which contains 2% salicylic acid, menthol and denatured alcohol- You apply this product with a moistened cotton pad over the whole face. Again you will need to be sure this is completely dry before apply step 3.

Step 3 Treat

Apply serum gel which contains 5% liquefied Benzoyl Peroxide all over the face with your cotton pad. You may feel your skin tingles when you use this products, this will reduce over time as you become used to the regime.

The frequency of use depends on what is recommended for you. Dr. Fay will examine your skin and design a protocol for you depending on the severity of your acne.

Obagi Clenziderm is exclusively available at Slievemore pharmacy here in the Slievemore clinic. Visit Dr. Fay for your skin consult if you are suffering from acne, and you could see results in as little as two weeks- whether you are a teenager with the first signs of acne, or are suffering with adult acne. The sooner you get it under control, the less likely you are to scar your skin from aggressive acne outbreaks.

We do recommend before you embark on your Clenziderm routine, that you book in with our therapist and avail of the Blue peel radiance peel at a special price of €50 for our Clenziderm patients.

Blue Peel Radiance contains:
  • Salicylic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Phytic acid

The use of a peel with these ingredients before your treatment starts is recommended as the peel prepares your skin by ridding the dermis of dead skin cells and heavily congested pores. You will also make the skin fresh, clean and healthy and this will allow the best penetration of the ingredients to your skin.

We then recommend having another peel 6 weeks into your treatment. Book today and have the skin that you’ve always wanted! Deal with acne prone skin by contacting Dr Fay at Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100.