Adult acne is a curse, causing major distress to people who suffer from it. It’s bad enough to have to deal with the mortification factor of spots and pimples as a teenager; but having to endure unsightly breakouts as an adult is a serious concern to those who are prone to it.

30% of women and 20% of men between the ages of 20 and 60 are troubled by adult acne, and many have pitting and acne scarring as a reminder of more severe breakouts.

Why Do I have Adult Acne?

The primary reason for acne is sebum, the oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands.

In normal amounts, sebum reaches the surface of the skin and is spread over it evenly, serving a moisturising and protective role without incident.

With acne sufferers, however, too much sebum is produced, and it clogs up the pores, attracting and mixing with bacteria, resulting in inflammation.

In some adults, breakouts can be as a result of hypersensitivity or an over-production of androgens (male hormones); but an imbalance of female hormones (estrogen) will also cause them.

For women, this can often happen during times of turmoiled hormones-menstruation; pregnancy; perimenopause (time period when the female body is preparing to go into menopause) and menopause itself.

Some external factors, like certain medications or cosmetics, can also contribute to the development of acne.

Adult Acne – Effective Treatment Elements

To effectively treat adult acne, most people has to seek the help of their doctor, as they discover most acne medications available over-the-counter are geared towards teenage skin. Each person’s condition may require a little trial and error before discovering the best solution for them.

Cleansers for Adult Acne

Cosmetic Doctor will advise you on the best cleanser for your skin, after conducting a skin assessment and evaluation of your particular acne problem.

Many people tend to over-wash with harsh cleansing agents that exacerbate the problem as the cleansers dry out the skin, leading to the production of more sebum as the skin tries to rehydrate itself, leading in turn to yet more blocked pores. Also, use of abrasive scrubs will irritate and worsen sensitive skin.

Cleansing Method

Try to keep your face clean during the day; wash it in the morning and evening, using a cleanser recommended by Cosmetic Doctor for your skin. Don’t use hot water, as it has a drying effect; use warm water and wash gently for one or two minutes only.

Be gentle with the skin and use your hands, not a washcloth. A combination of a good, regular cleansing routine, tailored acne products and recommended oral medication is usually successful for adult acne sufferers.

Creams and lotions

It can go against people’s instinct to put creams or lotions on top of acne-prone skin, but bear in mind that getting the balance of hydration right is key in tackling the acne.

Cosmetic Doctor will suggest the appropriate products for you; containing salicylic and glycolic acids to help improve skin-cell turnover and discourage bacterial growth; prevent discolouration and fade scars. Products with benzoyl peroxide are also highly effective but in Ireland must be prescribed by your doctor, so Dr. Fay will do so accordingly.

Prescription medications

Some topical antibiotics help fight bacteria in the skin; as do antibiotics taken orally. Certain antibiotic gels can fight infection and inflammation to reduce acne breakouts.

Oral contraceptives and other medications can help restore a balance to the hormones, and Dr. Fay, a General Practitioner as well as a Cosmetic Doctor, can write any prescriptions she feels will ameliorate the condition, bearing in mind your medical history and any current medications you are on.

High-tech solutions

Laser and intense pulsed light treatment are used to help reduce acne scarring.

If you’re tired of combating your adult acne by yourself, call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100 today.