The Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic has just launched a new skincare range for their clients.

After much careful research and evaluation of efficacy and results of a variety of cosmeceutical products, Beauté Pacifique has been chosen as an excellent addition to the skin care products available at Slievemore Clinic.

Medically Proven Cosmeceutical Brand

Developed in Denmark and introduced to the rest of Europe in 1997, Beauté Pacifique is now a global brand used internationally by leading skincare experts all over the world.

Beauté Pacifique quickly garnered a devoted following as its medically proven , unique patented formula effectively penetrates deep into the epidermis, delivering a potent mixture of Vitamin A and other active ingredients.

The combination of elements work to effect a change a cellular level deep in the skin, restoring the essential proteins like collagen, polysaccharides which help skin retain moisture, and elastin.

Products for Face, Hand and Body

The Beauté Pacifique range is comprised of 30 products, each one specifically formulated to treat the face, hands or body for clients of all skin types. As the product is a cosmeceutical, meaning it treats skin conditions; Beauté Pacifique addresses sun damage, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation marks very well, but also has patented formulations to address acne, psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks and scarring.

Treatment with Beauté Pacifique will result in noticeable, significant improvement to the skin in the treated area, leading to skin rejuvenation and marked improvement in skin texture, elasticity and radiance.

For your FREE skin consultation for this amazing new skin care range at the Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic, simply call 01 685 3100.