INTRAcel for Large Pores

Do you feel as if your pores can be seen from space? Large pores are unattractive; they don’t hold makeup well and can make you look far older than you are.

That triad of demons, genetics; sun exposure and aging are the biggest causes of large pores. You can overcome the genetics and be intelligent about sun exposure, as well as staving off the effects of aging on your skin with an incredible new treatment called INTRAcel.

Exclusive to Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic in Dublin, INTRAcel can only be performed by a doctor; you will not find it in salons or spas.

Why You Have Large Pores

As we age, our skin loses elasticity as collagen production slows down. This increases pore size, as the walls of the pores droop and widen.

There are a lot of serums and treatments containing glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid which help minimize their appearance significantly over time, but INTRAcel provides long-term results as it helps the skin replenish itself.

INTRAcel uses Fractional Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedles to provide excellent efficacy for skin rejuvenation, large pores, and acne scars by selective treatment on various skin depth.

How INTRAcel works

INTRAcel’s functional features are designed to treat the target area by the fast penetration of a specially made compound numbers of insulated microneedles, and to do so without any harm to the epidermis (skin surface).

The insulated needles leave ‘healing columns’ in the spaces between the penetrated areas, like a matrix, and the insulated needle tips emit a high-tensioned RF pulse on the targeted tissue deep inside the skin, in the dermis.

These columns allow the skin to heal by the boy’s natural recovery method, which is the production of collagen. Your skin starts to produce new collagen as the fibroblasts have been stimulated and it rushes to do so. It’s non-ablative, which means your skin surface remains untouched.


After the first treatment you’ll probably see some improvement; but because of how INTRAcel works on the collagen production inside the skin, it takes a few sessions spread over several weeks to maximise the benefits.

Collagen is then being produced at a much faster rate than before, filling out the skin; plumping and improving texture, and the pores firm up and become much more taut.

The result is a rejuvenated skin with improved elasticity, tone and texture. Results last a long time; over 12 months, and you can go back for a top-up treatment after that.

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