Cosmeceuticals will help you achieve smooth, silky rejuvenated skin with even pigmentation. As the aging process tends to slow down the ‘turnover’ of skin cells, cosmeceuticals will help maintain a fresh, healthy glow.

Cosmeceuticals are medical skincare cosmetics which contain ingredients that have cosmetic benefits for your skin at pharmaceutical grade levels.
These products are really effective and can change the texture and structure of your skin.

Cosmeceuticals contain higher concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, prescription strength agents such as vitamin A derivatives (e.g.tretinoin) and hydroquinone than in traditional skincare available from pharmacies or department stores.

The difference between over the counter products and cosmeceuticals is the concentration of ingredients used. In over the counter products the concentration of ingredients are so small that they have no effect on your skin. Whereas cosmeceuticals genuinely affect the dermis because they are so potent and are effective in the battle against ageing. If you suffer from rosacea, pigmentation and acne, ask your cosmetic doctor which cosmeceuticals would suit your needs.

The top cosmeceuticals available include Neostrata, Skinceuticals and Obagi.
As these products are so potent there may be initial downtime such as peeling, redness, flaking and peeling. This is a normal result rather than a side-effect and confirm that the products are working.

In summary from ageing to pigmentation, from rosacea to acne, cosmeceuticals deliver results which traditional over-the-counter creams don’t.

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