Looking for fuller lips?

Do you hanker after fuller lips, but are secretly worried you might look like a platypus? Fear of the infamous ‘trout pout’ that’s been the bane of some celebrities has deterred some people from pursuing the lovely lips they would really like.

Don’t let the bad press scare you off. A safe, natural-looking lip augmentation is what Cosmetic Doctor offers, and they use dermal filler sparingly and precisely to leave you with natural looking, gorgeous lips.

Why get Lip Augmentation at all?

Full, voluminous lips give a youthful appearance, but the march of time is cruel to women. The aging process makes our lips thin out; we lose volume from the lip area and the mouth corners turn downwards, resulting in a slightly dour look.

By adding back the lost volume, we regain the lush look of younger lips and change the whole look of the face.

Who would benefit from Lip Augmentation?

Anybody who would like a fuller, younger looking mouth. Smokers in particular have problems; the mechanical action of dragging cigarettes for years results in lines all the way around the mouth area.

Some people are born with thinner lips than others; many women aren’t thrilled with their lip volume, regardless of age. Thin lips tend to be unflattering, interfere with the aesthetic balance of the lower face, and many women try to compensate with creative use of liner and lipstick.

So what is the safe way to have Lip Augmentation?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers tailored for the lip area, like Restylane Lip fillers or Juvéderm Smile, are the safest way to go. They are non-permanent fillers, and biologically compatible with the body.

Often the lip disasters you see in magazine photographs happen because of an allergic reaction to the substance being injected; this is why it’s best to use dermal fillers known to be accepted by the body.

How can I be sure of a positive result?

The ethos at Cosmetic Doctor is that that ‘Less is More’. They will only provide a lip augmentation or rejuvenation that will look natural, increasing your own volume without looking artificial or ridiculous. Subtlety is the key to professional lip treatments.

What should I expect afterwards?

Some of the dermal fillers have a lidocaine anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. The injections are performed with a very fine needle, a few at a time, so you can ask to stop and take a breather if you need to.

It takes a few days for the effects of the treatment to settle down and the filler to move into place, so it’s best not to have lip augmentation done immediately before an important event.