Dermal Filler Options

There are now a variety of dermal fillers available on the market, and patients often wonder what the ‘best’ one is.

The answer is that it is entirely dependent on the patient’s individual concerns – the nature of their loss of facial volume or skin issues; their healing propensities – i.e. do they bruise easily – and their expectations.

For instance, both Juvederm and Restylane are FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers; both are proven to provide lasting results and there are minor technical differences between the two products.

Depth of injection

Dr. Fay will explain to patients that the deeper a dermal filler is injected into the skin, the less painful it is as there are fewer nerves away from the skin surface. For the same reason, fillers injected deeply may be less prone to cause bruising, as it is injected under blood vessels.

As part of the ageing process the ligaments and tendons that hold the fat pads in the skin expand, allowing everything to succumb to gravity and head south, causing sagging and jowls.

Skilled use of dermal fillers can act as a facelift, lifting everything with the addition of volume from the hyaluronic gel and restoring the shape to the face you had when you were younger.

Clinical experience vital in choosing appropriate filler for different facial areas

It’s the art of the skilled practitioner in the use of the fillers that gets great results, and clinical experience that allows them to choose one product over another to suit each particular patient.

For instance, if injecting in small volume, Juvederm is less likely to form a bump as it quickly diffuses into the tissue, and doesn’t need moulding or sculpting by the doctor. Restylane on the other hand is more cohesive and tends to stay where it is placed, so needs to be carefully moulded once injected.

Dr. Fay chooses the product based on the patients concerns- for example whilst treating the lower eyelid and tear trough hollows under the eyes, she may use Restylane. This is because Juvaderm might drift into the top of the cheek creating a fullness where you don’t want it, so Restylane may be the preferred choice in this instance.

Ever-increasing options of dermal fillers

The range of dermal fillers is ever-expanding as cosmetic medicine becomes even more advanced, and patients’ options broaden all the time. For this reason Dr. Fay attends conferences and seminars throughout the year to stay on the leading edge of developments in the field.

This means she can offer patients the most appropriate dermal filler for their specific areas of concern, or use more than one product in tandem for the most natural looking results.

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