dermal fillers for cheeks

Our cheeks are victims of gravity and the effects of time are more evident than anywhere else on our body.

Loss of volume is one of the most ageing things that can happen to a woman’s face, as it draws attention to the skeletal structure underneath, and the displaced fat often ends up in a saggy pool under our jawline.

Dermal Filler for Cheek Augmentation

It’s increasingly difficult to camouflage with makeup as the years go by. Looking drawn and tired can ultimately be addressed with clever use of dermal filler, available at Cosmetic Doctor, Dublin.

Thanks to major medical advances in cosmetic medicine and the development of highly effective dermal fillers, we now have a number of non-surgical options as anti-ageing tools.

Artful Placement for Most natural Results

Because the loss of volume causes a flattening out of the mid face, augmentation of the cheeks using dermal filler can visibly lift the area, which greatly enhances our cheeks, providing a youthful definition and getting rid of the awful sagging.

There are several different products, but the skill of the practitioner is the real key. There’s both an art and a science to cheek augmentation.

Treatment Options

All patients must be assessed individually as using dermal filler effectively needs a great understanding of individual facial structure; Restylane SQ, Juvaderm Voluma and Radiesse are all used as dermal fillers in the cheek area.

Dr. Fay will assess your facial structure, discussing expectations with you and determine which product and concentration will work best for your facial shape.

Dermal fillers used for cheek augmentation all carry the CE mark and are completely safe; they’re usually in a gel form containing calcium microspheres and are injected using very fine needles. The results are instant and the procedure itself is quick; lasting about 30 minutes.

Impressive Results from Dermal Fillers

In killed hands, the precision injections and placements of dermal fillers will gently lift and round out the cheeks in order to give them back their prominence in balance with the rest of the face.

Having cheek augmentation also tightens the surrounding skin, lending a harmonious look to your whole face without looking too angular; the result is a gorgeous new you; yet subtle and natural looking.

The results are flattering-just look any the before and after photos on the site-and the key to good cheek augmentation is a measured, precise approach. The best facial work should never be obvious; it should enhance your looks, not alter them beyond recognition.

Is Cheek Augmentation Painful?

Dr. Fay will discuss the pain management options with each patient prior to treatment. She can add a numbing agent to filler gel, and the injections are done a few at a time so you can stop and take a breather if you need to.

There isn’t any recovery period required; you can carry on as normal. You might have a little swelling afterwards, but the gel soon dissipates into the surrounding areas so it’ll look and feel completely natural.

It’s important to realise that each patient reacts differently and each has a different pain threshold, which is why Dr. Fay will consult with you about what is best for you.

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