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Everybody ages, but it’s more evident in some people than others, depending on how the skin appears. Skin is our largest organ and is as subject to the ageing process as all of our other organs- but it’s the only one visible from the outside.

As the years go by skin loses collagen and elasticity, which makes it lax and wrinkle-prone. Gravity also takes a toll, as our face loses fat from the cheek pad area, and this loss of facial volume can be very ageing. Cheeks that were full and curvaceous in youth become bony contours, wrapped in thin skin; resulting in a drawn appearance.

It’s the combination of loss of skin tone and texture, along with facial volume, that makes us look older.

The appearance of ageing can be effectively addressed with dermal fillers, which allow the replenishment of lost facial volume, and a skilled practitioner like Dr. Lisa Fay can place injectable fillers to treat lines, wrinkles and areas of volume depletion with excellent aesthetic results.

Facial Rejuvenation

Injectable Dermal Fillers are a convenient procedure performed at the Cosmetic Doctor office at 6 Merrion Court, Ailesbury Road, Dublin 4 and appeal to a broad variety of patients.

Facial surgery used to be the only option available to patients who wanted to reverse the appearance of aging; often resulting in an unnatural ‘wind tunnel’ look, and obviously invasive and expensive.

Dermal fillers have revolutionised the facial rejuvenation approach. There are a number of fillers available to treat the maturing face in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, with natural looking, subtle results.

Augmentation of areas of the face like cheeks and lips; restoration of lost facial volume, and corrective use of Dermal Fillers to improve the appearance are commonly performed procedures, and enormously popular.

Dual Benefit of Dermal Filler

Most Dermal Fillers have two major effects; the first is to restore or add volume to specific areas of the face; the other is the stimulation or encouragement of new collagen growth within the skin. This dual effect results in both volume where you need it and smoother, more youthful, radiant skin.

The choice of Dermal Filler is made by your cosmetic doctor based on certain criteria.The area to be treated, the depth of the wrinkle or depression, the underlying musculature involved, and the desired results. Dr. Fay has a variety of types of filler, so can chose the best one for your particular procedure.

Fast, reliable results; minimal downtime and safe, proven products are what make Dermal Fillers so attractive to patients, who can greatly enhance their look with a convenient, affordable treatment.
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