Are you Living Younger but Continuing to Age?

By Doctor Lisa Fay

Dermal fillers in Dublin, Ireland

Do you go to gym regularly to get your body into shape, eating well, dressing well and on trend yet still feel you look tired and want to look fresher? You may do all of this but unfortunately the face is the most contentious issue and shows ageing process the most. After all diet, exercise and good living can only go so far.

Do you want to look like you but you on a good day? If so read on, because I hope to dispel any myths and stigmas which you may have about dermal filler treatments.

The media places an emphasis on youth which leads to the perception that self worth is defined by how young you are. However as a practitioner I would disagree strongly with this. My clients range from stay at home mums, business executives and socialites all with a common goal. They want to look a more attractive and fresher version of themselves rather than a “younger fake barbie”.

Forget images of Lesley Ashe or stars who look as if they have been over injected. With recent advances and more sophisticated techniques dermal fillers have come a long way. The administration of dermal fillers is as much “an art as a science”. It is a science because it is vital your practitioner is medically trained and has a working knowledge of facial anatomy.

Dermal filler injections are also an art, in a similar way to when you attend a very skilled hairdresser or makeup artist. Not every practitioner has the same level of training, expertise or even aesthetic eye. You should always seek out the right product with the right practitioner administered in the right way. Do your research, you only get one face, do not let someone ruin it.

There are millions of people worldwide who have had fantastic and life changing results. Therefore I strongly urge you not to be driven solely by price. You get what you pay for and because one doctor is more expensive than another, there is usually a valid reason for this. They have undergone training to upgrade their skills and expertise.

So here is my key message….Facial fillers are the proven science behind looking good and represent the new age of skincare. Dermal fillers allow you to age the way you want. In fact I would go so far as to say that facial filler injections can empower you as a woman or indeed man to feel good about wanting to look good.

Dermal fillers is a conversation which is okay to have with your friends and family. And don’t forget that dermal filler treatments will allow you to age well and still look natural. Natural is the key to successful treatments and a beautiful result. So if you feel nervous or apprehensive about a treatment why not book a consultation to go through your options. This is a pressure free experience and at CosmeticDoctor we can take you on a journey to looking and feeling better about yourself.