tear-trough-blogMany injectables take at least a few days to have a noticeable effect, but some of the most satisfying treatments for the patients are those that give instant results.

Tear trough treatment is one such procedure, and Cosmetic Doctor Dublin perform it for patients who are tired of looking….tired!

How Juvéderm Volbella works to refresh and firm under eye area
There’s a natural depression that follow the curve of the eye socket, travelling from the nose around the underside of the eye. It’s referred to as the ‘tear trough’ as that’s where your tears gather (and perhaps weep at how old you look….)

As we get older, skin loses its natural elasticity. We also lose volume from the upper and mid face as the underlying fat begins to shrink and sag.

This sagging of the delicate skin under the eye causes dark shadows and bags; impossible to hide with concealer or makeup and making us appear old and tired.

However, the texture of Juvéderm Volbella makes it a good choice to improve this area non-surgically using multiple injections, placed above the orbital bone.

Volbella gives an immediate result as the shadows are ‘plumped out’ for a naturally rejuvenated face; a fresher look and a far more ‘awake’ appearance.

Before and after gallery

Before and after tear trough treatment

Tear Trough treatment before and after

Liquid Face Lift - Tear trough and cheek enhancement

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Dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes
Patients who have concerns about bags under their eyes; loss of volume in the area just below the eye or dark circles can take advantage of tear trough treatment with Juvéderm Volbella.

Many different fillers have been used to treat tear troughs, but Cosmetic Doctor finds that Volbella has a very favourable outcome, with the right amount of hyaluronic acid to act as the perfect filler for the thin skin under the eye.

Tear trough treatment requires an experienced hand
The treatment is one that must be conducted with a degree of finesse and a comprehensive experience of working within the tear trough area.

When performed by a skilful doctor, these intricately applied injections of Volbella bring an immediate benefit to the patient. It requires a keen sense of aesthetics and a great deal of clinical experience.

A fine needle is used and even older patients who suffer from significant swelling or lax skin under the eyes will benefit, as the unattractive bagging just disappears.

Tear trough treatment lasts for a considerable length of time, and has the advantage of being reversible if there are any issues. To book your consultation just call Cosmetic Doctor Dublin on 01 685 3100 or use our contact form.