Looking for Fuller, Beautiful Lips?

If you would like a pretty pout for parties this Christmas, you may have thought about lip augmentation, but are worried about looking unnatural of artificial.

Overdone ‘duck lips’ or the ‘trout pout’ images that have saturated media in recent years struck alarm bells with some, but those cases were in the minority- a good lip augmentation procedure should look lush and youthful, not silly.

When it comes to any procedure, a skilled practitioner like Dr. Lisa Fay at Cosmetic Doctor will want to ensure you will experience the best possible outcome. This is why patient selection is important when it comes to lip augmentation.

She will evaluate your overall health and possible allergies, before she considers methods to help you achieve your goals for a fuller mouth or more defined lip area.

Getting a Lip Augmentation Consultation

A consultation will help determine if lip augmentation is the right procedure for you. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the procedure and materials used.

Because lip augmentation is part science and part art, a keen aesthetic eye along with extensive clinical experience are a must, and your expectations as to what you consider attractive are also a key part of a consultation.

During the consultation you must always disclose all medications you are taking, especially any blood thinners that may affect your body’s ability to clot. You also should disclose any supplements and vitamins because these could affect blood clotting. The doctor needs this information when considering what material type is best for you to use.

If you are a smoker, this can affect your lip augmentation’s outcome because smoking affects blood clotting and can alter the texture of your lips. Any conditions like diabetes or cold sores should always be disclosed, as should your full medical history.

Lip Augmentation and You

One of the biggest factors that can make you a great candidate for lip augmentation is if you have realistic expectations. While Dr. Fay can add volume and somewhat re-shape your lips, changing their appearance completely is not a realistic expectation. Also, some women may desire over-filled lips, which can be difficult to achieve without giving a lumpy appearance and is not something Dr. Fay would perform.

You also should discuss how long your results will last and signs your lips are starting to lose fullness from the injected filler. You will probably have a little swelling and redness immediately following the procedure, so don’t worry if the results aren’t immediately apparent.

Make sure to talk about any upcoming events as some patients find their lips may be swollen for several days. Once you and Dr. Fay are in agreement on the best choice of product and your expected results, you can proceed with your augmentation and look forward to fuller, beautiful lips.

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