What to expect when you book your Lip Augmentation Treatment

Lip Augmentation in Dublin

Want kissable lips under the mistletoe this year?
But worried that your lips look a little flat. Well then it is time to think about having some dermal filler treatment to enhance the natural shape and lip contour. Whether you want fuller lips or to balance your lip shape dermal fillers are ideal for lip enhancement. If you are worried about lines around the lip area and notice your lipstick ‘bleeding’ into these lines, sometimes having lip filler injected can really help to soften these fine lines. Lip filler is a very popular treatment option for women, and it is one of our most popular treatments here in Cosmetic Doctor.

Which product does Dr Fay use?

There are a number of fillers available on the market: Teosyl lip, Juvaderm smile, Restylane lipp and Juvaderm Volbella to name a few. The product that Dr Fay favours for a more natural look is Juvaderm Volbella – the Juvaderm brand offers a very natural look and is definitely one of Dr Fay’s favourite products to use!

Is the technique painful?

No the treatment will not be painful, Dr Fay will perform a dental block – this entails injecting a dental anaesthetic into the tissue around the gum area to minimise pain and discomfort. Dr Fay also uses products which contain anaesthetic in them. Most people find the procedure quite bearable.

Will there be any side effects after treatment?

When you have your lips injected there is a risk of bruising and swelling in the area. Most people find that there is a certain element of bruising as the lips are such a delicate area. We will give you an ice pack if necessary. We also advise patients to use an ice pack on the lips at home and to take Paracetemol if necessary. Most patients find it is not very uncomfortable, and find they are back to themselves very quickly.

What kind of result should I expect?

Amazing Smile with Beautiful Lips

The type of result favoured by Dr Fay is a natural, balanced look. Dermal fillers can restore lost volume. Dr Fay will not overfill lips, it is not a technique which she favours. Dr Fay is of the belief that ‘less is more’, of course if you do feel that you need a little more product, this is no problem! All of our patients leave delighted with the results of their lip augmentation procedures! If you are concerned about bleeding lip lines then Restylane Lipp is usually a product preferred by Dr Fay, she will work on the area.

How long will it last?

Your lip filler should last anywhere from 9 – 12 months, the amount of time depends on each individual case and we can guide you on what to expect.

What kind of price range should I expect?

The price of your treatment will vary on how much product you have needed injected, the prices start at €300.

So if you would like to discuss having your lips enhanced by Dr Fay, do book in for an appointment. Our Christmas appointments are booking up fast! Call 01 685 3100 for more information or book your appointment today!