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“The Liquid Face Lift” involves the use of dermal fillers to restore volume to the face and is a real alternative to plastic surgery.

Liquid Face Lift in Dublin

Liquid Face Lift in Dublin

Liquid Face Lift in Dublin

The Liquid Face Lift

A liquid face lift can enhance and restore facial features, reduce and soften wrinkles, recreating a more relaxed look. Basically you can turn back the clock without going under the knife. The natural ageing process results in loss of volume in the mid face or cheek region in addition to bone loss. The skin is like a table cloth over a table and if there is volume loss it contributes to skin laxity, wrinkles and hollowing. Restoring this volume loss can literally take years off your appearance.

As practitioners we should have moved away from filling folds, lines and wrinkles to assessing a face correctly and understanding the ageing process. We can then restore volume to deficient areas to recreate an aesthetically pleasing result. Each persons face is a work of art and as a practitioner/artist it is important that we bring this out and not over shadow natural beauty with badly injected fillers. I endeavour to follow the mantra in my practice of the infamous beauty coach, Antonia Mariconda “Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it, Autograph your work with excellence”.

In this case I performed a so called “liquid facelift” on this patient with 8mls of dermal filler. Using Juvederm Voluma and Volift, I injected the cheeks, temples and marionettes.
When she came back for her follow up appointment I asked my model for feedback on her experience: “I had a great experience with Dr Fay very professional and friendly. I got dermal filler in my cheeks and chin, it was a little sore, swelling for a few days and small amount of bruising on my chin and right side of cheek, which went after a few days. Very happy with the result face looks fresher more volume in my cheeks and don’t look tired anymore”.

Our patient wanted really natural and subtle results. I think she looks much more youthful, relaxed and pretty.

Cost of this treatment was €2600.

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