Are you unhappy with the shape of your nose? Many people are, but don’t want the expense, pain or downtime that comes with rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Non-Surgical Correction

You may not be aware that you can actually address many imperfections with dermal filler, as an excellent alternative to surgery for certain imperfections.

Dermal fillers can be used to improve the appearance for the following:

  • Bridge augmentation
  • Nasal defect / hump correction (straightening your profile)
  • Nasal tip projection
  • Enhance nose balance and correct asymmetry

Correct Nose Shape Instantly

The procedure is relatively swift, and the results, unlike surgery, are immediate. A numbing cream is applied to the outside of the nose, and then a needle is used to inject a small amount of dermal filler beneath the skin.

The filler is ideal for filling out depressions to give a more even look. It’s also used to smooth out any sharp angles, restoring symmetry and balance.

Expert Use of Filler to Sculpt Nose

As the filler must be moulded into place after being injected, the procedure is most definitely an art, as well as a science. Dr. Lisa Fay has an excellent aesthetic eye and will sculpt your nose using careful placement and manipulation of the filler to achieve the look you want, after a thorough consultation with you.

You will have a hand-held mirror throughout the procedure so you can see the results as they progress, and Dr. Faye will keep you informed throughout.


The results are instant; as soon as the filler has been appropriately smoother and sculpted you can see an immediate difference in the shape and symmetry of your nose. The treated area may be slightly red or swollen, but you can resume normal activities straight away as any swelling is usually very minor.

The effects of the filler typically last between 6-9 months or longer, depending on the patient. Additional touch-ups can be performed after the initial treatment if required.

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