Our lips aren’t sealed any longer! As a cosmetic doctor I am very excited about the launch of Juvederm ® Volbella™. Juvederm ® Volbella™ was launched in January 2013.

Celebrity voluptuous pouts like that of Scarlett Johansson are now attainable. If you are afraid of overblown lip enhancements, rest assured, Juvederm ® Volbella™ makes natural lip enhancement easily attainable.

Juvederm ® Volbella™ is a revolutionary new Lip filler produced by Allergan which can last for up to 12 months. In addition Juvederm ® Volbella™ has much lower downtime than other lip fillers!

Made from Hyaluronic Acid using patented Vycross™ technology, Volbella is designed to be natural, soft, smooth, longlasting and have a greater lifting capacity than many other lip fillers on the market.

Juvederm ® Volbella™ treats lost lip volume, defines lip contours, treats oral commissures (the corners of the mouth that turn down and make you look like sad), smooths smoker’s lines, and plumps up marionette lines (the ones that go from the corners of your mouth down to your chin.

Juvederm ® Volbella™ contains lidocaine which minimises discomfort during your treatmen. Juvederm ® Volbella™ results in minimal downtime yet produces natural, full and sexy lips within 30 minutes.

If you wish to possess Scarlett Johansson’s enviable lips, book a consultation to discuss dermal filler lip injections with our doctor at Cosmeticdoctor at Slievemore Clinic by contacting 01 685 3100.