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There are risks of potential side effects with any drug, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to have Anti-Wrinkle Injections administered by an experienced doctor.

All drug companies have to list all of the known and reported side effects, but the majority of those listed for botox are seen when large amounts are injected for medical purposes rather than the small amounts used for cosmetic purposes.
The most commonly reported side effects include bruising; eyebrow or eyelid drooping, a temporary headache and flu-like symptoms. Rare allergic reactions have also been reported.

Cosmetic side effects of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

These are most often seen when the person injecting muscle relaxing injections is not an expert, or when someone insists on getting too much treatment.

Frozen Forehead
We see this in some celebrities who have obviously been over-treated; the face doesn’t move and looks unnatural.
Dr. Fay prefers to aim for a subtle, entirely natural look, as the goal is no wrinkles – not no movement!

Startled Look
When people have inexpertly administered Anti-Wrinkle Injections one or both eyebrows raise too high.
The eyebrows are elevated so much that the arch or the last third of the eyebrow sits up too high, giving the patient a chronically surprised look.

Eyelid drooping
This is a relatively rare condition but one that is often written about. If this happens, there are measures that can be taken to temporarily elevate the eyelid, making the problem manageable until the effects of Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment wears off.

Heavy-feeling brow
This is the result of over-treating the forehead, specifically the frontalis muscle, which goes all the way across the forehead and is used to raise the eyebrows.

Too much Anti-Wrinkle Injections relaxes the forehead too much, which results in a heavy feeling. When the forehead comes down, so do the eyebrows. Since some of us raise our eyebrows to make the eyes feel more open when there is excess eyelid skin (called hooding), then dropping the eyebrows makes the eyelids look worse—or more hooded.

Dr. Fay takes great care to study the individual facial muscles of each patient prior to injecting, so she can correctly gauge the appropriate dosage and optimal injection sites for the very best results.

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