We may be pale and interesting here in Ireland, but our Celtic skin is delicate and easily damaged, particularly as we seem to be on a constant quest for a tan.

People are more aware now of the importance of protecting facial skin with a high Sun Protection Factor, but for many women, the damage is done.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation is a way of eliminating damage from the skin’s surface, using targeted light to impact the melanin, or pigment.

The Laser Suite at Cosmetic Doctor in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

Cosmetic Doctor at Slievemore Clinic will perform your IPL treatments in their laser suite-though IPL is not technically a laser. Unlike laser, which uses just one wavelength of light, IPL uses white light made up of many frequencies and multiple wavelengths.

These different wavelengths allow the treatment of multiple skin issues with IPL, which rejuvenates skin all over the body using white light to painlessly penetrate into the dermis. Skin treated with IPL looks more youthful, radiant and bright.

How Does IPL Work?

As the light from the IPL device passes into the dermis, the differing wavelengths are absorbed by particular elements within the skin. One wavelength gets absorbed by the pigment particular to age spots; another by broken capillaries (the pigment within the red blood cells is the target) and yet another by the fibroblasts, which are responsible for making new collagen.

Irish Skin Issues

Irish skin is also prone to erythema; redness of the face, neck or chest. We also see a number of rosacea cases which is a medical condition also associated with redness and rashes. Rosacea may need topical or oral antibiotics, which Dr. Fay can prescribe for you, in conjunction with IPL treatment. For both erythema and rosacea, IPL will achieve over 75% reduction in skin redness after about 5 treatments, with results lasting up to 12 months.

Our fair skin also makes flushing more evident, and many people have uncontrolled flushing that they find embarrassing. One of the major triggers is stress. Flushing may also be controlled effectively using IPL.


Photoaging is the term given to long term exposure to the sun; it causes wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, freckling and coarse skin. You’ll also notice your pore size is larger and your skin looks dull and rough. IPL makes an amazing difference, brightening skin and immediately eradicating the signs of skin damage.

IPL also works to improve acne scarring, and the treatments induce the formation of new collagen to visibly improve skin.