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Want Younger Looking Skin?

Younger looking skin is something promised by many lotions, potions and solutions, but few deliver. It’s something you learn to be more discerning about as you get older, when younger-looking skin becomes a real goal.

Gradually, the appearance of skin becomes less supple and more prone to sagging and wrinkles. This is because the protein structures beneath the surface – comprised mainly of collagen and elastin breaks down with age.

Collagen and elastin play a pivotal role in maintaining a plump, taut skin structure, but over the years skin loses its elasticity and the ability to produce enough collagen to ward off fine lines and loose skin.

Eyes, décolletage and neck

There are certain areas that are the first to show signs of collagen depletion, most notable the skin around the eyes, the neck and the décolletage or upper chest area.

Prominent signs of ageing are most visible around the eyes where crow’s feet can become very pronounced and impossible to disguise.

The neck is another area that shows the first signs of saggy, loose skin. This is because the skin on the neck in particularly thin and has no fatty tissues. Moisturizing over the years may stave off the turkey neck effect for a time, but there is no fighting fate.

The décolletage or upper chest area is often the victim of extreme sun exposure. The UV rays that enter the skin effectively kill collagen and elastin, causing the area to lose its elasticity very quickly and become marked with excess skin, sun damage and wrinkles.

INTRAcel: a real treatment for loose and sagging skin

But now there is a revolutionary procedure called INTRAcell available that tricks the body into restarting collagen production on an increased scale so as to create skin that is firm to touch and loose skin appears tightened.

INTRAcel is a non-surgical skin tightening and resurfacing procedure that incorporates revolutionary radiofrequency technology using micro needles to deliver fractional treatment to the lower layer of skin where collagen is produced.

How INTRAcel works

Using specially designed electrode needles, INTRAcel sends heat to the dermis, which is the layer of skin beneath the surface or epidermis, to stimulate collagen so that skin is plumped up and feels firm to touch.

By using this area-specific micro-needling as a means to treat the lower layer of skin, INTRAcel prompts the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin fibers to produce a healthy new layer of soft padding.

Tightening results with INTRAcell

Patients can see immediate tightening of the skin with long-term result being achieved after a number of sessions.

INTRAcel is an effective aesthetic treatment for loose skin in problem areas. This cutting edge technology available exclusively at Cosmetic Doctor can help you achieve a tighter, more defined and supple look with minimal down time.

Looking for Younger Looking Skin?

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