I have a whole lot to get through here, so in the interests of shorter-than-Moby-Dick length blog posts, I will try to be brief.

Getting skin ready involves three steps…wash, scrub and oil control (using either Cebatrol Oil Control Pads™ and TE pads). If there is excess oil on the surface or wrong PH this means products will not penetrate. The aim of these steps is correction of skin PH, normalise the skin activity, remove excess oil, restore keratinocyte cycle and finally get rid of dead cells that will act as a barrier to key ingredients.

Think about it like this, we all originated from apes with hair and prominent oil glands which produced oil to lubricate the hair. Evolution occurred and there was loss of hair, however the oil glands persisted resulting in excess oil which gets trapped and is detrimental and causes havoc on the skin. Oil is not meant for the skin meant for hair. This oil causes disease such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and even ageing. In particular with acne this excess oil can cause rancid pustules and nodular cystic acne. When treating acne we need to free the road block of oil retention so the oil can come to the surface.

Cebatrol Oil Control Pads™ are one of my favourite things in the ZO Medical range. For those of you who like products which feel like they are working rather than products which look and feel nice this is the product for you.

If you have sensitive skin, be warned…this product really does sting and tingle the first few weeks. However this does settle, I promise. To use, simply take a pad and apply like you would a toner to your face morning and evening. Do not apply to your upper eyelids. This feels weird, I’m not gonna lie as you are literally hopping around the bathroom. At the end of a few weeks of this routine, I was pretty darn impressed with the improvement in my pores.

Cebatrol oil control pads are revolutionary in the treatment of acne and can prevent outbreaks. The key ingredients include 2% salicylic acid effectively exfoliate or remove dead skin cells, mandelic acid helps reduce skin inflammation that cause irritation. Finally tricolasan has proven antibacterial benefits.

Image of skin before using Cebatrol

Cebatrol Pads 1

Image of skin after using Cebatrol

Cebatrol Pads 2

Here are the pads, you will be surprised how much grime and oily is visible on the pads even after cleansing and exfoliating particularly if your skin is oily. These pads can also be used on chest and back in acne prone individuals.

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