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In our Information series this month we are addressing a recurring question we often hear at the clinic, ‘what is the difference between a facial or salon peel and the peels here’,

Often when people decide they would like to have a ‘facial’ or a ‘treatment’ their first instinct is to go to a beauty salon. Clients often tell us that they have glycolic acid peels in salons. Whilst these treatments you will receive in beauty clinics are excellent and relaxing, unfortunately they are not as effective and you usually won’t get long lasting results from the treatments. There are a lot of misconceptions about medical aesthetic clinics, a lot of people think we only cater for clients that require anti-wrinkle treatments or filler treatments, but in reality we cater for a wide range of cosmetic issues.

Glycolic peels Salon VS Clinic

The difference between having a glycolic peel performed in a medical aesthetics clinic comes down to what we are trained to use. We are allowed to use ‘unbuffered’ glycolic acid as opposed to ‘buffered’ acids that you would get in a beauty clinic.

What does this mean exactly?

Well buffered essentially means the addition of water or another agent to ‘dilute’ the glycolic acid. So if you are getting a 70% salon peel, you are essentially getting a much wear peel as they would be part neutralised to make them safer for non-medical use. Unbuffered peels are true peels so they need professionals with special training in glycolic acids and its effect on the skin.

What does this mean for your skin?

Glycolic acids dissolve the fatty bonds that hold dead skin cells together, the acid penetrates quickly through the skin and works on these cells. These dead skin cells will then slough away. If you are having a peel that in is buffered you are having a weaker peel and therefore the results will not be as good or as long acting. Unbuffered peels also work much more effectively on pigmentation, dry skin and acne prone skin. It is more rejuvenating and the results are much more dramatic. It is a better option to attend a clinic where staff is trained to use unbuffered glycolic acid. These clinics must have a doctor on duty while they are being performed so you are getting a safer and more effective, medical treatment. As unbuffered peels are medical grade peels there is a potential for more side effects, so checking out a clinic with highly trained staff is a must! The staff at Cosmetic Doctor are trained nurses, doctors and medical Aestheticians with specific and targeted training in medical aesthetic procedures.

Glycolic acid peel vs a ‘facial’

Usually a ‘facial’ will consist of a cleanser, scrub, mask, exfoliation, extraction followed by a facial massage. Whilst this is very good at softening the skin and treating problems, it is really a short term solution. Any problems that you might have had will come back in time, this is due to the fact that it is not a medical treatment, it is what is known as a ‘cosmeceutical’ treatment there are many big name brands out there with many fancy names, but really you will find that having just a course of four glycolic peels will be much more effective. Having a medical grade unbuffered peel in a medical aesthetics clinic is much more effective at treating stubborn problems with long term results.

In reality attending a clinic like Cosmetic Doctor where our staff is constantly trained to a high standard and where there is a doctor on hand would seem like a better option, the risk of side effects exists with all treatments and ensuring you have the best person treating you is very important. But if that isn’t enough it is better value for money as you are having a more effective treatment – you are spending your money wisely as you are getting the best and most long lasting results! It is also the safer option.

If you would like any more information on Chemical peels please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 685 3100 and we would be delighted to book you in for your chemical peel!

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