INTRAcel is a revolutionary treatment which is fantastic in the treatment
of acne and acne scarring.
In active acne INTRAcel works by delivering radio frequency (heat) through fine needles to disrupt the sebaceous glands on the skin which are responsible for producing oil. In addition it is targets the bacteria on the skin which are responsible for pustules, spots and pimples.
For acne scarring INTRAcel stimulates collagen production to plump out and minimise the appearance of scars allowing the skin to heal itself from within.
Topical anaesthetic cream is applied for your comfort for up to one hour before treatment. Intracel treatment takes 45 minutes. Three to five treatment sessions are usually recommended for optimum results.  Downtime is minimal such as mild redness similar in nature to sunburn and swelling.

Acne treatment Dublin

INTRAcel acne treatment in Dublin with Dr Lisa Fay

INTRAcel acne treatment before and after photographs

INTRAcel acne treatment before and after photographs

“Had tried everything for Acne Scars and Redness. I went to Dr. Fay and she recommended a course of Intracel along with some medical creams. The creams reduced the redness dramatically within 6 weeks while the Intracel worked really well on my scars. An added bonus was that it improved some fine lines that had begun to form around my forehead. Would really recommend a visit to Dr. Fay. The quality of service I received was excellent.” 
After 2 treatments with INTRAcel with ZO Medical skincare

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