Broken veins are treated by tiny injections of a specially formulated solution. The vast majority of small, clearly visible veins can be treated successfully using Sclerotherapy.
Women are more likely to develop thread veins than men.  This is due to hormonal factors, which can aggravate the condition e.g. Adolescence, pregnancy and the menopause. Hereditary factors must also be taken into consideration. Prolonged standing may aggravate veins but this does not necessarily cause them.

Broken Veins and Thread Veins Treatment

A tiny needle is introduced into the vessel being treated. The leg vein is then filled with a chemical solution, which causes damage to the cells lining the vein. The body’s repair mechanism response to this is to shrink or obliterate the vessel. Generally, one injection is needed per vein. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure. The best way to describe this is a tiny prick followed by a slight sting.
Afterwards the vein may look worse. Bruising is a common side effect. The veins then start to fade after one to two weeks and this process continues for another six weeks.

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