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Skin that suddenly flushes and appears red, hot and itchy could be a sign of rosacea – a skin condition that is rather indiscreet, often flaring up usually on the face, neck and chest.

Inconvenient at the best of times, in the lead up to summer when outside temperatures are rising, incidences of rosacea can increase significantly.

The condition often affects those with pale skin and fair hair, and can be extremely hard to control, sometimes requiring prescription medications to contain incidences of rosacea.

At Cosmetic Doctor, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light can be used to effectively reduce the appearance of rosacea, by targeting broken blood capillaries on the skin.

Signs and symptoms of Rosacea

Familiar to most by its trademark flushing of skin around a person’s forehead, cheeks, nose and/or chin, rosacea often has triggers such as sun exposure, stress, spicy foods, heavy exercise and alcohol consumption.

Anyone suffering from rosacea should identify and where possible avoid any lifestyle or environmental factors that may trigger flare-ups.

By minimizing incidences of skin redness caused by rosacea, you can reduce the long term damage that can be caused to skin by the condition.

Vascular rosacea results in frequent flushing and skin redness which can lead to broken blood vessels under the skin, recognizable as small red lines.

Inflammatory rosacea also causes intermittent flushing and the appearance of raised bumps on the affected area.

IPL for Rosacea

A recent study of light-based therapy for rosacea found that it substantially reduced visible blood vessels and also helped reduce redness and flushing after an average of three treatments.

Dr. Fay can administer IPL to those with rosacea to help heal and fade visible broken blood vessels in as little as three treatments over a course of 4-6 months.

Theses blood vessels absorb the light energy administered to the skin during an IPL treatment session at Cosmetic Doctor, which encourages the body to reabsorb them, thus reducing their appearance.

The burst of intense light also stimulates collagen production and collagen remodelling which helps strengthen the integral structure of skin and delay future development of visible blood vessels.

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