Rosacea – The Curse of the Celts

By Doctor Lisa Fay

Rosacea Treatment in Dublin

I have been diagnosed with a chronic skin condition … called Rosacea. There is no cure… Look around you. At least one in five of you also have rosacea. Rosacea is known as the “curse of the celts” because it is particularly common in those of Irish, English and German ancestry. Today, I am going to share with you what the amazing ZO products did for my skin and my journey to clear skin.

I am a doctor and skin is my passion, love and fascination. So imagine my frustration when it is assumed that I should have perfect skin and I don’t. Ruby red skin peppered with spots and pimples is not a good look. My rosacea symptoms started 3 years ago with light redness in my cheeks and frequent flushing. Thread veins started to develop on my cheeks. I started to become very self conscious.

Picture this ….
You’re talking with friends when you accidentally say something embarrassing. You blush and your whole face turns red. Now you’re even more embarrassed, although after a few minutes, the redness goes away. But how would feel if your face was that shade of red all the time? Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have rosacea.

Earlier this year something amazing happened in my career which has revolutionised my approach in the management of skin conditions, and in particular this skin condition close to my heart. I had the privilege to attend Beverly Hills and spend time with the infamous skin doctor Dr. Zein Obagi. This is when I got my “ah” moment.

So what is rosacea and what causes it?

Think about it like this, we all originated from apes with hair and prominent oil glands which produced oil to lubricate the hair. Evolution occurred and there was loss of hair, however the oil glands persisted resulting in excess oil which gets trapped and is detrimental to skin. This blocks pores leading to spots and pimples, rough texture, broken veins even a bulbous red nose.

It is important to avoid triggers such as anything hot i.e. sun, hot baths, showers and steam rooms and alcohol especially red wine. And for the ladies even your trusted moisturiser which you use every day could be an offender.

My go to treatment is the awesome ZO skincare range.

What makes ZO Skin health different is that it tries to recreate healthy skin…..like a babies skin, smooth, firm, tight, even colour, hydrated (does not feel dry), strong (does not feel sensitive) and disease free.

Forget the ineffective “frou frou” skin products available from chemists and department stores. We need to use medical grade skincare which works.

The fantastic thing, it is simple!

4 Core Aspects
Getting Skin Ready (GSR), Barrier Repair, Sun Protection and Vitamin A cream.
  1. “Wash Scrub Oil Control”. Wash, scrub and oil control pads contain salicylic acid a harmless acid which comes from plants to remove dead skin and cleans pores.
  2. Daily Power Defense loaded with skin improving retinol (vitamin A), powerful antioxidants and DNA repairing enzymes which work around the clock to restore skin function and elasticity.
  3. Sun protection is vital as sun is a trigger in 85% of all my clients.
  4. Vitamin A is the “hero vitamin” which gives the skin cells the punch they need to wake up, produce more collagen and improve plumpness.
What are the messages in the treatment of rosacea? ….there are three.
  1. Act early! As skin doctors, we are going in the wrong direction. We have to tell ourselves to move away from the traditional approach of diagnosing advanced forms of rosacea and act early. When we see the first blush or pimple this is our alarm bell.
  2. Remember the 4 Core Aspects
  3. Wash, Scrub and Oil Control

The skin is the largest organ in the body we should start with skin and end with skin. The blush of rosacea does not have to exist any longer. Remember my friends rosacea can be a chronic disfiguring disease with a wild and patchy diagnosis. I”ll leave you with this …..So finally look around the room again and ask yourself do you now see the subtle signs of rosacea in its many forms?

If you are looking for help with Rosacea and want to Reduce Facial Redness please contact my skin clinic on 01 685 3100. Applying the 4 core aspects of Getting Skin Ready (GSR), Skin Barrier Repair, Sun protection and Vitamin A cream have dramatically helped clear my skin.

Doctor Lisa Fay