Sclerotherapy – What to expect

On the day you attend, Dr Fay will check your veins with a Doppler to ensure that there is correct blood flow to the vein. Then she will use a small infrared light to locate the vein, she slowly inserts a needle into the vein and injects the schlerovein ingredient. This is the solution which causes the vein to become sticky and break down. This is painless procedure and is usually quite quick. It may take a few visits to rid your legs of the veins. This week, as part of our information series for patients, we had a model attend for her Sclerotherapy and we asked her the following questions.

What happened during your consultation with Dr Fay, prior to your treatment?

I first saw Dr Fay for a consult a few weeks before I scheduled my Sclerotherapy treatment. Dr Fay gripped my calf and released again whilst holding a Doppler device to the vein. She informed me that my vein was functioning properly and it was safe, to remove via Sclerotherapy. I was scheduled to come back in with my stockings to my next appointment.

What types of stockings were advised?
Dr Fay advised the Mediven hold up compression stockings, the ones I purchased are black in colour.

Did you find them comfortable to wear?
I found the compression stockings to be quite warm, and they felt tight. The night of the treatment I felt they gave me great support.

Were there any instructions prior to having your treatment?
I was informed not to have oils or creams on my skin on the day of my appointment. I was also instructed to bring my support stockings with me to my appointment as they have to be put on at the end of your appointment.

Where were your veins like?
I had small veins scattered all over my legs, but I had a very large pronounced cluster on my upper thigh of each leg. The veins on my upper thigh were very unsightly and bothered me in shorts and swimwear.

Did you find the procedure painful?
Not at all, there are some areas that are sensitive when they are injected, but by no means painful. It is quite comfortable and quick to be treated. Even though I had quite a few veins, the treatment time was only 30 minutes from start to finish.

What happened after your treatment?
Immediately after my treatment my veins felt sore as though they were bruised. I was instructed to wear my compression stockings straight away. I noticed my veins looked blotchy and there were little swelling marks where the veins were injected, but this settled down quickly. Later that evening I felt a little sore and my legs felt a bit heavy, but by the next morning they felt back to normal.

Did you receive aftercare?
Dr Fay advised me to wear my compression stockings day and night for 72 hours, and then during the day for 7 days, she advised me of what I needed to do over the next few days. She also gave me an aftercare sheet. I was advised to come back in 6 weeks for my next session.

Was the treatment what you thought it would be like?

I thought the treatment was going to hurt a lot, it was really only slightly uncomfortable in places. It was also faster than I thought; I also thought that my veins would look more unsightly afterwards. Dr Fay was very informative, and kept me advised on what she was doing throughout the treatment. I found her very reassuring and I was delighted with my treatment, and I am really looking forward to seeing the end result.

How were the veins after 24 hours?
They are slightly bruised, but I can see that the spider vein underneath is diminished, even after my first session! Dr Fay did advise that I may need another treatment. They are not sore or uncomfortable at all.

Right thigh

right thigh

Left thigh

right thigh

Left thigh after treatment

Left Thigh After Treatment

Left Thigh After Treatment - Picture 2

Right thigh after treatment

Right Thigh After Treatment

Lower leg before

Lower Leg Before

Lower leg after

Lower Leg After

We plan to follow our model up over the next six weeks, and note the improvement in her veins. Be sure to check in and watch her progress! Should you wish to have your veins treated, call The Slievemore clinic on 01 685 3100 and we can rid your legs of veins!

Remember to tune in for the next instalment in our information series.