INTRAcel Skin Rejuvenation System

Women over 40 will be delighted by the advances in medical technology that allow treatment of sagging, ageing skin-without the expense or risk of going under the knife.

Insulated needles deliver energy beneath the skin surface

One of the most exciting devices to arrive on our shores is a revolutionary skin resurfacing technology which delivers heat energy below the surface of the skin.

Available from Cosmetic Doctor in Dublin, this extraordinary treatment is called INTRAcel, and it combines three effective treatments in one for maximum efficacy in the treatment of skin ageing.

Traditional laser resurfacing techniques work on the surface of the skin but the advantage of INTRAcel is that it uses insulated needles that can deliver radiofrequency energy to the dermis, below the skin’s surface.

INTRAcel essentially marries three treatments that work well on their own, but when combined achieve even better results, with minimal downtime.

These treatments – radio frequency, microneedling and fractional treatment- mean your skin is tightened and plumped as collagen production increases; the spacing of the needles mean healthy skin is preserved, facilitating rapid healing and growth of new tissue.

Ideal for skin rejuvenation

INTRAcel is a fantastic treatment for skin rejuvenation as it can lift and tighten sagging skin, treat wrinkles, large pores, and small spider veins.

If you are getting worried about the start of jowls or a heavy chin, smokers’ lines across the top lip or the general appearance of fine lines, then INTRAcel may be for you.

Also used to treat acne and scarring

INTRAcel is also specifically indicated in the treatment of acne and to improve acne scarring.

The RF energy from Intracel can denature cells, destroying the causes of acne, acne bacteria and sebaceous glands.

To discover how INTRAcel can help you minimise the appearance of ageing; tighten and plump your skin, call Cosmetic Doctor on 01 685 3100.