Giant Pores on Face? INTRAcel can treat them for smoother skin

Pores are the tiny openings surrounding each hair follicle all over your body. They allow sweat to pass through the skin to keep you cool, and secrete skin oil called sebum to act as a natural moisturiser.

For many people, the pores on the face become enlarged, leading to a rough-looking, bumpy texture. You’ll never have flawless-looking skin as long as a large pore size remains unaddressed, and make-up can often just draw more attention to them as it tends to ‘sit’ in the pores as the day wears on.

There are a whole plethora of reasons for enlarged pores, from genetics, to ageing, to oily skin, and sometimes a good skin care regime just isn’t enough to address them.

INTRAcel treatments available from Cosmetic Doctor can do the job effectively, resulting in gorgeous, smooth, firmer skin with a beautiful texture.

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Open Pores and INTRAcel Treatment

Reasons for large pores

Skin type often plays a role; those with oily skin tend to have large pores as their skin creates an excess of sebum, which mixes with dead cells and dirt to expand the pores and makes them look huge.

Pale Celtic skin is very prone to irritation, so we fair-skinned Irish find that the inflamed, ruddy skin we are prone to will also cause large pores to appear, and any harsh weather conditions just make matters worse.

Regardless of skin type, ageing plays a major role in the appearance of large pores. As the years go by our skin produces less and less collagen; the skin’s natural support matrix. This makes it get more lax; losing elasticity and firmness.

Widening and drooping of the pores

The skin stretches and sags, which makes pores droop and widen. Combine this with years of sun damage and photo-ageing where free radical damage destroys skin cells that then collect around the outer edges of the pores, and you’re looking at very noticeable increases in pore size; lumpy skin and a rough texture.

Add to this hormonal fluctuations caused by menstruation; pregnancy; peri-menopause and menopause proper, which all affect the sebum secretion and skin texture…..no wonder women have such issue with the development of large pores, particularly on the nose and cheek areas!

How INTRAcel reduces pore size

Dr. Lisa Fay at Cosmetic Doctor offers INTRAcel treatments, in a tailored regime designed to specially reduce pore size. There are many treatments designed to help reduce pores, including trichloroacetic acids and glycolic acids, but only INTRAcel provides long-term results as it helps the skin replenish itself.

INTRAcel uses Fractional Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedles to spur the skin into producing brand new collagen, which firms and tightens skin from the inside out. It makes pore size look far smaller, and lends an even tone to the skin; plumping and smoothing for highly effective rejuvenation.

INTRAcel works on large pores; open pores; clogged pores; lax skin; acne scarring and fine lines, and more importantly will have continued results over time after a schedule of treatments as the skin will continue to generate the level of collagen needed to plump itself up and strengthen its internal matrix.

INTRAcel Treatment details

After application of a topical anaesthetic gel to numb the surface of the face for patient comfort, Dr. Fay will pass the INTRAcel device over the areas to be treated several times.

The sensation is that of a mild prickling, followed by a feeling like sunburn that lasts for an hour or so. The INTRAcel device contains thousands of tiny little needles, which are insulated up to the tip, and applied at a deep level in the dermis where the uninsulated tips then deliver an RF charge.

Your face will be red after the treatment, and will feel a bit hot and dry for about 24 hours. Within a few days you’ll notice a substantial reduction in pore size, and after a couple of treatments the results are even more effective.

Make-up no longer coagulates in your pores by the end of the day; the skin on the cheeks and nose will look far smoother and the complexion more even.

Dr. Fay will provide detailed instructions about wearing a high SPF sunscreen to ensure the skin is protected after treatment and between sessions, as you must be vigilant about taking care of the vulnerable skin.

To find out more about how to finally shrink those giant pores, just give Cosmetic Doctor a call on 01 685 3100.

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